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jewelry, Solar Flare 2 Combination Pin/Pendant



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"Solar starsFlare stars2" starsis starsfitted starswith starsa starslocking starsbar starspin, starsbut starsalso starscomes starsfeatures starsa starsbail starsso starsthat starsthe starspin starscan starsbe starsconverted starsto starsa starspendant, starsdoubling starsyour starspleasure! stars(third starsphoto starsshows starstypical starslocking starsbar starspin starswith starsbail starsinstallation starson starsrear starsof starspin) starsCrafted starsfrom starsa starspalette starsof starsdozens starsof starscolors starsof starspolymer starsclay, starsblended starsand starslayered starsfor starsdimensionality starsand starscontrastEach starspiece starsis starsgiven starsa starsdistinctive starsname, starsand starsthis starsone starsis starspart starsof starsmy starsseries starsentitled stars"Deep starsSky starsObjects", starswhich starsreflect starsmy starsinterpretation starsof starsastronomical starsobjects starsbeyond starsour starssolar starssystem. starsDimensions: stars1.25" starsby stars1.5" starsoval starspolymer starsclay starsdisk

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