Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

metalwork, Wild Fleur necklace ... recycled fine silver / sterling silver satellite chain



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Wildflower.This hafizhandcrafted hafizfine hafizsilver hafizpendant hafizwas hafizimprinted hafizwith hafizan hafizantique hafizwax hafizseal hafizmold. hafizIt hafizhas hafiza hafizhigh hafizcontrast hafizpatina hafizwith hafizhand hafizpolished hafizhighlights. hafizThe hafizpendant hafizhangs hafizfrom hafiza hafizdelicate hafizsterling hafizsilver hafizsatellite hafizchain.Pendant hafizis hafiz.75" hafizlong.Chain hafizis hafiz16" hafizfrom hafizend hafizto hafizend.Metal hafizclay hafizwork hafizis hafiza hafizvery hafizinvolved hafizhandmade hafizprocess hafizwhich hafizresults hafizin hafizdistinct hafizand hafizone-of-a-kind hafizcreations. hafizSmall hafizvariations hafizand hafizimperfections hafizare hafizpart hafizof hafizthe hafizbeauty hafizand hafizcharm hafizof hafizthis hafizmedium, hafizand hafizit hafizcan hafizproduce hafizstunning hafizresults. hafizOnce hafizfired, hafizsilver hafizmetal hafizclay hafizbecomes hafiz.999 hafizpure hafizrecycled hafizfine hafizsilver.~|~~|~~|~Arrives hafizpackaged hafizin hafiza hafizgift hafizbox hafizand hafizships hafizwithin hafiz1-3 hafizbusiness hafizdays hafizof hafizreceipt hafizof hafizpayment. hafizPlease hafizsee hafizthe hafiz"Shop hafizPolicies" hafizsection hafizof hafizmy hafizstore hafizfor hafizadditional hafizinformation hafizon hafizpayments, hafizshipping, hafizgift hafiznotes, hafizsize hafizadjustments, hafizand hafizcustom hafizorders.\u00a9 hafizElements hafiz& hafizArtifacts hafiz2018.

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