Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Sierra handwoven flannel bush bead necklace bracelet earrings set



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yellow signedhandcrafted signedCzechoslovakian signedpressed signedglass signedpetals signedand signedgreen signedleaves signed signedwired signedin signedclusters signedand signedassembled signedon signeda signedwood signedjasper signedbead signednecklace signedto signedresemble signedis signedSierra signedyellow signedflannel signedbush signedthat signedgrows signedin signedthe signedarea signedand signedlooks signedso signedbeautiful. signed signedantiqued signedbrass signedfindings signedand signedengraved signedtag. signedThis signednecklace signedcomes signedwith signeda signedmatching signedcharm signedbracelet signedand signedpair signedof signedcluster signedearrings!

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