Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

antique ring, Spoon Ring | Antique Ring | Floral | Size 8



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This silver ringring silver ringis silver ringamazing silver ringin silver ringevery silver ringaspect!So silver ringmuch silver ringdetail!It\u2019s silver ringa silver ringthick silver ringpiece silver ringthat silver ringcan silver ringbe silver ringworn silver ringmany silver ringways, silver ringbut silver ringagain, silver ringit\u2019s silver ringthick silver ringand silver ringwide.The silver ringdetails:- silver ringPattern: silver ringNo. silver ring3- silver ringc silver ring1885- silver ringMfg: silver ringDuhme silver ring& silver ringCo silver ring- silver ringOn silver ringthe silver ringbowl: silver ring"Cinn., silver ringOH"- silver ringBack silver ringof silver ringhandle: silver ring"8-29-19" silver ring(Still silver ringvisible silver ringon silver ringthe silver ringinside silver ringof silver ringthe silver ringring!)Sz silver ring8

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