Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

patriotic jewelry, Antique Spoon Ring | Sterling Silver | Americana Motif | Size 8



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This silver ringunique silver ringring silver ringis silver ringmade silver ringfrom silver ringan silver ringantique silver ringsterling silver ringspoon silver ringI silver ringreclaimed silver ringfrom silver ringa silver ringscrap silver ringpile. silver ringThe silver ringring silver ringfeatures silver ringa silver ringcorn/agriculture silver ringdesign silver ringand silver ringthe silver ringinside silver ringof silver ringthe silver ringring silver ringhas silver ringan silver ringAmerican silver ringEagle silver ringwith silver ringthe silver ringinscription silver ringof silver ring\u201cLLL\u201d.- silver ringPattern: silver ringCorn silver ringStalks silver ringand silver ringCobs- silver ringc. silver ring1905- silver ringMfg: silver ringPaye silver ring& silver ringBaker- silver ringBowl: silver ring\u201cPublic silver ringSchool silver ringBelmond, silver ringIA\u201d silver ringwith silver ringetching silver ringof silver ringschool silver ringbuilding- silver ringSz silver ring8Thank silver ringyou!

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