‘iZombie’ Gets Renewed for Season 3

iZombie promo pic

The CW Network has just announced via press release that they are renewing 11 of their current series for the 2016/2017 viewing season. Among that list is iZombie, which will return with season 3.

Of course, what that means is that The Snarking Dead will be reviewing this show from Episode 1 of the Season 3 premiere. As yet there has been no official news on the air date for the Season 3 premiere. But, considering Season 1 of iZombie premiered in March of 2015 and Season 2 premiered in October of the same year, I am placing my bets on March 2016. But, in the meantime, this will be me over the news of the renewal:


So just what is iZombie? Well, basically, if you put the Warm Bodies kind of zombies into a mash up of the TV shows Medium and CSI, you get iZombie. but here’s the official synopsis from IMDb:

“A medical resident finds that being a zombie has its perks, which she uses to assist the police.”

To expand on that, Liv Moore (Rose McIver) is the lead character and the zombie you are most likely to fall in love with. She was a medical resident with the perfect life until she got bitten by the undead at a party. Now she works in the morgue as a way to get her daily fix of human brains without having to kill people for them. However, the zombies in iZombie have a certain “quirk”. When they eat brains, they temporarily take on the personality of the deceased they have dined on.

Oh, and did I mention every episode also features a new recipe for how to prepare brains?

In the pilot episode Live prepared brain noodles

In the pilot episode of ‘iZombie’ Liv prepared brain noodles with Tabasco sauce
[Screen capture via The CW Network]

It’s all these things that combine to make iZombie so much damn fun!

Liv is constantly taking on these crazy personas which (of course) the detective she works with doesn’t pick up on at all. He just thinks she’s a medium who sees visions about the cases he is trying to solve.

iZombie comic cover by Vertigo

[Image via Vertigo Comics]

As well as iZombie being a pretty awesome TV show, it was originally a comic book series by Vertigo (which is an imprint of DC Comics).

So, who’s excited about these new recaps? Let me know if you are already watching iZombie by commenting below!

[Images via The CW Network]


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