Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Predictions

FTWD Season 2 Madison and Alicia

Fear of the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 01 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman/AMC

Here we are, two weeks to go before Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead comes back to AMC, and as we’ve done with The Walking Dead, it’s time for Rachel and I to come up with some predictions about what we might see, and what we hope to see.

#1: Are the survivors from Season 1 going to learn to become monsters right away?

CF: The theme of the first trailer, No Safe Harbor, appears to set the mood for what’s to come, particularly with Kim Dickens’ (Madison Clark) voice-over of a variation Nietzsche’s famous “Gaze into the Abyss” quote: “To kill the monster, you become the monster. You stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back. It is alive… It is hungry… And it devours.” Just like zombies—I mean, The Infected:

No Safe Harbor: See Trailer Here.

The Nature trailer reiterates that, and presses home the feeling that the world is dead and the old ways aren’t coming back:

Nature: See Trailer Here.

And the Reflections trailer–which I feel is the best of the lot–seals the deal, showing the cast floating and swimming as their faces go from normal to skeletal:

Reflections: See Trailer Here.

RT: Okay, how the hell did I miss this trailer??? This is probably my fave trailer now across the whole Walking Dead franchise!

CF:  This trailer rocks my ass off!  The moment I saw it I immediately felt, like you, it was the best trailer the franchise has done.  It does really set the tone that there isn’t much of a difference between the living and the dead when it comes to monsters.

In The Walking Dead it took until about the time Rick was gunning down his second little girl in the middle of Season 2 for everyone to really get it into their head they were gonna have to nut up and prepare for the carnage that was bound to come. It seems as if the people of FTWD are gonna learn that lesson even sooner, since they have what looks like the whole city of Los Angeles bearing down on them, and lots of people who have made it to boats probably figuring Victor Stand’s (Colman Domingo) ship is looking pretty good.
How soon before we discover the living are the real monsters? We already know Daniel (Rubén Blades) is ready to step up and do his share of killing, and it looks like Travis (Cliff Curtis) is going to make that leap as well. Probably by the time they are in the Episode 6 to 8 area we’re gonna see things getting ugly.

RT: I think we’ll find that by taking to sea, the whole kill or be killed thing will come into effect much quicker. The rules are always different at sea, pirates are nasty as fuck–and that’s BEFORE the zombie apocalypse 😉

CF:  And with so many people in the LA area having access to boats there will be a shitload of people out there on the ocean.  It won’t be pretty, and it’s gonna get ugly fast.

#2: How long are they going to stay in the LA area?

CF:  The trailers seem to show the crew out on the water a great deal, as well as near Strand’s house. But we not only see changes to the beach, but it looks as if they have have moved inland a little in once scene in the trailers. It’s likely the cast can’t stay in the LA area forever: we know they’re filming on a boat in Vancouver, BC, so I think it’s likely they won’t stay around the city forever. Getting anything out of LA proper is going to be difficult with so many fresh Infected around, which means they will likely head north along the California coast. That means they’ll be able to roam around the Canadian countryside and pretend they’re back in the good ‘ol Zombie Loving United States.

RT: I think they will be forced to take to sea before they had actually planned to. There is an image floating around that shows what looks like Strand’s house on fire. My guess is that someone tries to aggressively take Strand’s house and the group are forced to burn it to the ground in order to escape.

CF:  In one of the trailers they show the house being overrun, so I’m guessing that happens in the first episode.  And that does make sense that someone is going to try and take the house.  I think Daniel is shotgunning some dude at the house, rather than out on the water.

FTWD Season 2 Travis and Daniel

#3: How long before they abandon the boat and move on to land?

CF: There’s no indication in any of the trailers that our Urban Infected Hunters are gonna leave Abigail (the boat) any time soon, but if there’s one thing we know about The Walking Dead franchise, it’s that they don’t like little girls. Okay, not that—it’s that they don’t like horses. Um—okay, three things, and the third is they don’t like staying in one place for too long. Besides the zombies on the LA shore, it’s likely the crew of Abigail is gonna have to deal with pirates, and that’s never a good thing.

I think it’s likely that at some point everyone’s going to leave the boat and move on to the land, though I don’t expect that to happen before mid-season. By the end of Season 2, though, I expect they’ll hook up with other survivors and find refuge on land.

RT: Exactly what I was thinking about when they will move to land again. However, I would like them to continue between land and sea for much longer than this. Otherwise, you know, there’s another show that’s kinda like it on the market already…

CF:  I’m waiting for them to find the Bodega Bay Safe Zone, or some shit like that.  By the way, a bit of trivia:  Bodega Bay, a couple of hours north of San Francisco, is where the movie The Birds was filmed.  So they could find it and say something witty like, “Man, this place is for the birds!”  Bad puns all around, yo!

#4: Which of the three women will become pregnant?

CF: I think we may see a repeat of Season 2 of The Walking Dead with one of the women getting pregnant. Why would I think this? Well . . . we’ve already seen Madison having “make up sex” with Travis, and I think it’s a given that Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) was making eyes at Christopher (Lorenzo James Henrie), which only leaves Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), and who the hell is gonna have sex with her when her father Daniel is there on the boat and he’s got his razors. Because, who’s going to sleep with her? Nick (Frank Dillane)? This best girl was China White, and she’s gone away.  Nope, no one is crazy enough to sleep with Ofelia.

If I had to pick someone for getting in a family way, it’s gonna be Madison. Because of make up sex in the garage back in the neighborhood. Watch for her to start getting queezy, and not from the waves.

RT: Can you image morning sickness AND sea sickness? Wonder who will take the short straw on that one?

CF:  Wake up in the morning, throw up, find out you’re on choppy waters, throw up–all the nope in the world on that one.  That’s the one part about being a woman that I don’t miss.  I do hope the producers are sensitive to the fact that if Alicia gets pregnant it’s probably going to piss off people who are still upset over Alycia Debnam-Carey character being killed off on The 100.  I can hear people getting ramped up over how her lesbian character was killed off so she could have a “normal” relationship–  Don’t do it, guys:  I’m just sayin’.

#5: Which member of the original cast dies next?

CF:  This is gonna be tricky, ‘cause we know it can be anyone. But . . . I believe if there is gonna be a first one to go down in this group, it’s gonna be Daniel. He’s the only combat ready person, and I feel he’ll do something that will put him in harm’s way, and with that he’d going down. If not Daniel, I think either Alicia or Chris is gonna bite it because they’re teenagers, and they’ll do something stupid.

RT: I think they could get rid of both Alicia and Chris and there would still be too many teenagers on board…

CF:  The more I consider it, the more I think one of the teens will get to do the Zombie Walk.

#6: Will Tobias return? And when will we see anyone from the Flight 462 web episodes?

CF: Tobias was played by Lincoln A. Castellanos, and in the short time he was on Season 1, many felt it was only a matter of time before he returned to help Madison and Travis and struck out on the newly-dead adventure. Unfortunately he’s not been seen again, and according to the Internet Movie Data Base he won’t be back anytime soon. But we know people show up without warning, and could there be any possibility he’ll return? I’m going to say no: I think he’s off in the wind, and if we do see him, he’ll be walkin’.

RT: I really hope Tobias returns! However, with them at sea, I can’t see how this would work out. However, maybe Tobias is the long game. Kinda like Morgan was in The Walking Dead.

CF:  If there is a Season 3, I’d expect him to show.

FTWD Flight 462 Characters

When the Flight 462 web episodes began airing, AMC said that at least one person on the flight would show up in one of the episodes. According to Internet Movie Data Base Michelle Ang, who plays the character Charlie—the Asian woman who seemed to know a lot more about The Infected than she lets on—is going to appear in Episode 3 of Season 2. She’s listed as appearing in only the one episode, but could she show up later? I’d like to say yes, but I have a feeling AMC has teased the shit out of us once again, and she’ll probably take off. Or she’ll die. Who knows?

RT: I thinks both of the characters in the above image will turn up. They have too much hidden backstory going on for them not to. Although the guy is totally annoying and I hope their backstory is worked out early on in season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead and then they can off him.

CF:  Maybe Charlie will have the boy as a zombie on a leash.  I’ve heard that works somehow

#7: Will we ever discover if Madison is related to one of the characters from The Walking Dead?

CF: This is a joke from an episode of Talking Dead when Chris Hardwick pointed out that Kim Dickens worked hard to hide her southern accent, so what were the chances that she was related to one of the characters from The Walking Dead? Maybe she was related to Rick? Or perhaps she’s got a sister named Lori?

While there’s a possibility that she is related to someone back in Kings Country, Georgia, I think it’s a real thin possibility. I think it’s more likely that she’s related to no one, and the crossover fans speculated about doesn’t exist, and won’t ever exist. Then again, what do I know?

RT: While AMC have come out and definitively said that there will be no crossover between the two shows, I really hope they have some fun with characters being related to each other. While they would never be able to get together because of location and the sheer logistics of the zombie apocalypse, I think it would be great for someone like Madison to drop a comment about how her sister was handling things in Georgia. Have her wonder if Carl is okay. Or for someone to mention their cousin Andrea or uncle Morgan. That would be totally awesome 🙂

CF: I think it would be fun to hear her make a mention of that fact.  Imagine if Shane were her brother?  There are so many possibilities.

So what do you think is going to happen during Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead? Leave a comment and let us know!

[Images via AMC]


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