Orphan Black, Season 4, Episode 2, “Transgressive Border Crossing”

OB S4 E2 Sarah Iceland

Today we’re Back in the Black–Orphan Black, that is.  Let us go right to Episode 2, Shall we?


Iceland.  Sarah and Mrs. S are getting Kira ready.  Mrs. S asks about M.K, but Sarah has almost no information.  Mrs. S says they’ve covered their tracks, while Kendall, her mother, thinks MK may be flushing them out.  Kira looks out the window and says they’re coming.  Everyone’s looking out the window now, and there they are:  all sorts of lights headed their way.  Everyone makes their way for the truck while Mrs. S gets out the petrol and gets ready to burn the joint.  She soaks everything down and puts a match to the mess.  The house goes up in flames; the sock monkey is behind on the floor, burning.

OB S4 E2 Sock Monkey

Quick montage:  Opera playing:  Fee is doing stencils.  Phone call.  Alison in purple doing her workout.  She’s gets a call.  Cosima gets a call.  She doesn’t look happy.


A truck pulls up in front of a store to make a delivery.  Mrs. S is in the back of the truck with a gun, and it’s the group from Iceland back in the US.  Kira and Kendall are heading off to a safe house, Mrs. S and Sarah are going elsewhere.  Mrs. S and Sarah head into a comic/games store.  The dude greets them and takes them downstairs.  It’s secure as hell, and Cosima and Scott are there.  Cosima is feeling better, and she welcomes her sestra home.

CF:  The name of the store is Rabbit Hole Comics—and we’re going down the rabbit hole, people.  Get it?

OB S4 E2 Sarah and Cosima

Sarah and Cosima are talking to Alison on the later’s computer. They want to know about M.K., but the name doesn’t ring any bells with Alison, who’s being a bit of a pain in the ass. Cosima remembers something about a person in a sheep mask, and she laughs when he mentions the mask represents Dolly, the cloned sheep. Alison is not amused.

Scott is showing Mrs. S the equipment they managed to pull out of Dyad. Turns out the company pretty much went to hell after the fiasco with Rachel, and they’re pretty much out of the clone business after they shunt it all down. Scott passes along that there’s no word on Delphine. Back in the Hendrix Household Donny pops in and says he’s taking Helena somewhere. Alison is adamant that he not say anything about Sarah being back.

Sarah finds Art and they talk about M.K.  He doesn’t know much.  He shows her the photos from the last case with the Neo missing the hunk of cheek and the double dick.  Art knows Beth got a tip on the body, and he think it came from M.K.  Art still has a key to Beth’s flat; figures if there are any answers they’ll be there.

They get there and the place is empty, full of boxed-up stuff. Art mentions that the flat is paid up through the year—Sarah sarcastically says it’s probably through Dyad. Art’s not digging being at Beth’s; it’s brings back bad memories.

Alison walks in on Fee’s bare ass while he’s painting. She wants to know why he’s not talking to Sarah: he says he’s in his zone doesn’t want to talk. It’s obvious got something going on.

Art and Sarah going through boxes. Beth ran in a marathon: Sarah wouldn’t run unless being chased. She decides to check out Beth’s bedroom—

It looks like we’re looking at Sarah, but after a second you realizes we’re back in the past with Beth, who is at her flat being paid a “special” vision by Duko. He wants to know how Beth is doing. He finds Leeke’s book and wants to know what she’s up to with that old case. She doesn’t know what she’ll find: story of her life. He’s telling her she’s crossed a line, and he’s giving her a warning. She looks like she gives zeros shits.

RT: I really loved this whole section of Episode 2 of Orphan Black. BBC America is being very clever at combining the new season with the old story back in season 1 and it is something that i hope they continue.

CF:  This one was a bit more abrupt, but after a while you can tell Beth from Sarah, because Tatiana is a goddess.

Back in the present Sarah doesn’t find anything in the closet. She does find Leeke’s book and the autograph, however, and Art and she now know she was at Dyad.

At the hospital Helena is waiting to see the OB/GYN. She’s totally cute, looking at babies and other pregnant women. She pretending to be Mrs. Hendrix so they can use Alison’s insurance card. As the nurse walks her back to a room she ask “Mrs. Hendrix” how she feels, and Helena says tired and having many farts, and also not a lot of sex with her boyfriend—husband! Donnie looks like he might lose his mind, and at the same time is having a blast.

RT: This scene reminded me of just how much I missed seeing Helena in the season 4 premiere. Please BBC America, never let Helena die.

CF:  Helena has no filters.  And next week she gets to pretend she’s Alison!

RT: I can’t WAIT for this! #HappyPlace

Kendall is getting her blood taken by Cosima. Mrs. S wants to keeping her on the move so the Neos don’t find her. Cosima is using herself as a test subject to see if the trial is working, and won’t try another stem cell run until she knows how the current one works.

Art is reading Keeke’s book and says it sounds like bullshit. Art notices something in the painting in the living room: the hole. In the bathroom Sarah finds Beth’s works for shooting up, and in a quick flashback we see Beth getting high and getting out a wig before snapping back to the present. Sarah tells Art about the camera equipment, hints that she was recording things in the house for reasons.

Helena is getting an ultrasound. Hey, look: there’s the baby! Helena thinks looks like mush. Donnie sees a foot. Helena is amazed, but the tech says there’s something strange—ah, that’s why: TWINS! Just like Sarah and Helena! She is oh, so happy: she has to tell sestra.

OB S4 E2 Helena

Sarah and Art are watching video and find the part where Beth was going to blow Paul away. Sarah now really sees how much Beth was losing her shit. A quick cut and there’s a pregnant girl in the apartment: it’s the Neo who was at the club. Sarah grabs her coat and tells Art she’s heading out and going back to the beginning of this shit. It’s the only way she’s going to figure out what’s going on.

Fee taking a shower. Someone comes in and—hi, Sarah! She wants to know why he’s not returning her calls, and she gives him a towel to cover his willy. She wants to get a drink so they can catch up. He wanted to get her space, she’s been away for a long time and wants to go out.

They go to Club Neolution: she wants to find this girl. Fee wants money for the cover and he’ll let Sarah in through the back. Guess who pays?

Donnie is showing Alison the ultrasound, and the real Mrs. Hendrix doesn’t seem happy.  One little Ukranian was bad enough, but who’s going to take care of these babies when this crazy bitch of a blond clone is eating everything in sight?  Alison is straight out freaking the fuck out, and Donnie tried to calm her down, says Helena only wants to be like Alison, that’s all, which is why Helena now wants to learn crafts.  Alison has her Soccer Bitch on, tells Donnie to go check and see that Fertile Myrtle isn’t devouring everything in the fridge.  With Donnie out of the craft room she focuses on the ultrasound:  looks to me like Alison has baby fever.

RT: Poor Alison. I feel so sorry for her at this point 😦

CF:  This is not going to end well, you can see it coming.

OB S4 E2 Allison and Donnie

Back under the shop Cosima is smoking weed from a hookah; no problem it’s medicinal and helps with her illness.  Mrs. S tries getting Cosima to talk about how she feels; Cosima wants Mrs. S to tell her Delphine is alive.  Mrs. S says this is a war and anything can happen; Cosima breaks down and cries because she misses the woman she loved so much.

OB S4 E2 S and Cosima

Kendall wants to know what Scott found. It’s leukemia; she already knows and tells Scott not to say anything to Mrs. S. She just found her kin again and she wants to stay with them as long as possible.

Back at the club Fee’s at the bar and Sarah doing the rounds trying to find the girl. She finds her brother and she doesn’t like that he’s acting like a bitch. Out come the truth: Fee’s been looking for his birth family. Sarah’s like, we’re your family. Fee says he belongs on the dance floor. Some dude comes up and thinks Sarah is M.K. and hustles her out of the bar and to somewhere quiet in the back. He’s got info on video. It’s another guy with one of those maggots in his face and people are trying to pull it out. Something bursts through the dude’s cheek, like a bunch of tentacles all over his face, and though we don’t hear it go down, the guy in the video dies. The dude showing this to Sarah says it’s some kind of built-in defense—hang on. He suddenly cops to the face that Sarah isn’t M.K.. She’s blown and runs out with the phone that has the video. Once outside Sarah calls Fee and says she’s off to find M.K.

RT: It is at this point I really get frustrated for poor Felix. He is always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Always being told what to do and where to go, always with a smile on his face. I just hope he finds his family in season 4 of Orphan Black. Or at least gets a role that doesn’t always revolve around being a support to the clones.

CF:  I think he’ll find his family, and . . . there’s gonna be something big about it.

RT: I completely agree with you on this one!

Back to the flashback. Beth’s preparing to go out: Makeup’s a go, wig on, all perfect. She tells herself she can do this. In the present Art sees the video of blond Beth and watches her leave the house. What the hell is she doing?

Sarah’s on the street outside a laundromat. She goes inside looking for M.K. and sees someone in a hoodie, but it’s just some kid playing a game that she fucks up. Phone rings: it’s M.K.. She tells Sarah that she shouldn’t be around and lets her know she’s watching Sarah through the video camera in the laundromat. She tells her to take off her boots and do a few things to make her less dangerous—good. Now we have three minutes to talk. M.K. says watches Neolution’s offshore servers and that’s how she knew they were coming for Sara. Sarah wants to know everything: M.K. can’t tell her ‘cause it will kill her like it killed Beth—

RT: I am so glad this M.K. knowledge was explained in this episode. It was really freaking me out at just how much she knew about everything. I was even starting to toy with the notion she wasn’t a good clone…

CF:  I’m getting the feeling that M.K. connected with Beth as a friend, and when she died she’s afraid to get close to any of her sestras now because she doesn’t want it to happen again.  It’s like you can see the pain on her face when she talks.

RT: This is a really good point. I tend to agree with you now that you’ve mentioned it. The poor thing. Surely Sarah can fix her?

OB S4 E2 Beth

But we see what’s happening as Art watches the video of blond Beth returning.  In flashback—which is probably a combination of M.K.’s retelling and Art’s video watching—Beth shows up with blood on her hands.  M.K.’s there.  Beth starts getting hammered and M.K. wants to know why she didn’t return calls for four days.  Beth is fast losing her shit.  Mika wants to know what happened.  Beth charges into the bathroom and closes the door before cutting up a key card and flushing it away.  She goes to take a pill, but then is all fuck it:  not this time.  Mika knows Beth isn’t talking to the others.  She getting her stuff ready, hands her pistol to MK and tells her to stay hidden.  Beth heads for the door, Mika say please don’t leave, I need you.  They hug and Beth asks her to watch the others for her.  Beth leaves the flat for the last time and M.K. cries—

OB S4 E2 MK and Beth

M.K. reminds Sarah that’s the night Beth killed herself. Sarah wants to know what Beth found, but Mika tells her to hide her family. Sarah sees Mika outside in her car; the girls puts on her Dolly mask and is gone.

Beth is getting her boots on and in comes the two EMTs that cut out the dude’s cheek. They lock the doors and get Sarah down. They’re gonna gas here, and they realize that it’s not who they’re looking for. They speak in German and say it’s Sarah Manning and not the person they’re looking for. After that bullshit Sarah head back and bursts into the safe house. She wants to check her mouth and Kira’s for those things, those bugs, she saw in the video. Mrs S gets a torch in her moth and . . . There. Sarah has one. It’s there, it’s right fucking there. Sarah falls back against a wall, scared completely shitless.

RT: This freaked me the fuck out! That scared look on Sarah’s face cut me up so bad. I don’t even know where they can start to fix that mess up.

CF:  That was an ending I didn’t want to see.  I was a bit freaked and thinking the same:  how the fuck do you fix this?

And there we are, the second episode of Orphan Black, leaving us in a bad place. Let us know what you think in the comments below!



Sarah, Alison, Helena, Cosima, Krystal, Rachel — Tatiana Maslany
Felix “Fee” Dawkins — Jordan Gavaris
Donnie Hendrix — Kristian Bruun
Kira Manning — Skyler Wexler
Arthur “Art” Bell — Kevin Hanchard
Siobhan Sadler “Mrs. S” — Maria Doyle Kennedy
Kendall Malone — Alison Steadman


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