Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 3, “Ouroboros”

FTWD S2 E3 Flight Wreckage

Here we are at Episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead, and at last we learn the outcome of something some of us followed over the winter–


“Please place your tray tables and zombies in their upright positions.”


We’re in the ocean and there are people screaming and stuff floating: Out of the water pops Alex (Michelle Ang), the Asian woman from Flight 462, and we’re sitting the aftermath of that voyage. She’s looking for Jake (Regen Wilson) and finds him. She gets him into a raft with other survivors. One of the guys pulled on-board has a bite on his leg: he gets whacked the fuck out with a paddle right then and there. The camera pulls back and there’s debris everywhere.

Alex’s checking out Jake, but he’s not good. His face is half-burnt and he’s in pain. She’s trying to keep the wound clean with little bottles of airplane vodka, which has got to hurt like hell.

RT: Is it wrong that I breathed a sigh of relief when Jake’s face was all messed up? All I could think was that at least Alicia wouldn’t be thinking he was her next boyfriend if his face was that badly burned.

CF:  There was that fear that he was going to become the next Matt.  I really felt sorry for the character, because of what’s coming

There’s a transition to night and we see a lot of the people who were on the raft are gone. One guy decides to kill Jake before he dies and turn. Not a chance, dude: Alex stabs him in the heart and he becomes just another water zombie.

She’s talking to the only well person left. He wants to kill Jake. She wants to get him help. Jake wakes up and tells her it’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay . . .

FTWD S2 E3 Alex Jake

When you grab the last flight out of the zombie apocalypse, don’t expect the end to be that great–

On the boat Strand (Colman Domingo) makes a call at night. He’s not getting an answer. He connects, but he’s not sure. He tells whomever is on the other they’re coming as he sees a light on the shore.

Travis (Cliff Curtis) and Madison (Kim Dickens) are in bed after the events with Ranger Rick and his Family. They can’t sleep; Travis is pensive. Madison wants to know if he’s there. He rolls over and they stare at each other. They touch, they kiss. It’s getting passionate. Sexy time, yeah! Oh baby, let’s—shit. What’s that sound? The engines wind down. Travis gets up to have a look.

Based upon what he’s gathered from reading the boat’s manuals Travis figures out that something’s blocking the intakes that gathers water to cool the engines. Right now they’re shut down but Strand wants to get going. Daniel (Ruben Blades) agrees: they can’t wait around. Travis decides to take a night swim in scuba gear to open up the vent.

RT: Who knew Travis actually had such a skill?

CF:  I was a bit surprised by this as well, but we don’t know much about Travis beyond him teaching.  I think there’s an upcoming episode where we meet someone he knew outside school, and we’ll learn more.

Underwater he’s looking around. Nothing so far. A few things are floating in the water. He spots what’s blocking the inlet: an arm. With a zombie attached to it. One that reacts to Travis—

RT: I love that zombie blockages are a thing. Just when you think AMC are all done with awesome zombie stuff, they stick one in the boat and fuck things up just nicely.

CF:  It was a great touch to have that occur.  Zombies in the water can mean trouble.

Travis is down below working on the boat when Strand comes down. Travis removing a filter full of zombie crap and it stinks bad; Strand remarks that it’s some nasty shit. Strand wants to know how long it’s gonna take to get things fixed. Travis is like, I gotta get rid of the zombie in the water, then flush the filtration system, clean the filters—he figures it’s gonna take all day to clear. Strand wants it fixed now, and he’s being a complete douchebag about it. Travis finally tells him he’s not the help and Strand sorta backs down a little, but this is the start of him running a full-on asshole vibe for the whole episode.

RT: I know I said I would really like Strand and Madison to hook up, but can I change my stance on that already?

CF:  Shit is getting tense with then, and I really didn’t like how he was being an asshole to Travis.  The only reason Travis wasn’t giving him shit back, I think, is because they needed to boat.  Otherwise he’d probably have told him to stick it.

Daniel walks in on Ofelia (Mercedes Mason). Her wound is infected and she’s got a low fever, which isn’t good. The antibiotics are gone, so she’s just getting by on whatever shit they have. She tells Daniel she can ask Nick (Frank Dillane) for something else, but he won’t hear of it: He’s going on about how they can only trust family and he can’t go to Madison for help. Ofelia’s like, “What do you want to do, stop at a Walgreens?” Right then they heard Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) yelling—

She’s seen something, and other see it now: there’s luggage on the beach, a lot of it. Since they need supplies this is a good chance to get it. Alicia wants to go on the field trip, and the kid’s attitude is they don’t want to stay on the boat and just leave all the important shit to the adults. Travis and Maddie aren’t hot on the idea, but Daniel is like, don’t worry, I’ll take them.

Madison’s being Den Mom, telling everyone them what to look for, what to get. She says to get jackets and Daniel comes back with, “Hey, it’s gonna be warmer in Mexico.” He pulls Maddie aside and tells her what he’s found in Strand’s Stash. She wants to know why he hasn’t spoken to Strand about it, and Daniel says the conversation wouldn’t end well. In other words, he’d probably kill him after a couple of minutes of Strand’s bullshit.

Cut to Teen Salvage Team on short, with Den Father Daniel in the lead.  The luggage scattered around plane wreckage.  It’s Flight 462 from the webcasts of the same name.  Lot’s of rotting bodies, lots of stink.  Daniel sets the rules:  stay in sight, fill the bags, come back.  With that everyone gets to work.  Did I say everyone?  Ha!  Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) decides he ain’t doing shit and he wanders off like a mopey teen asshole.

"Hey . . . this looks more interesting than luggage."

“Hey . . . this looks more interesting than luggage.”

Back at the boat Travis readies for another dive, this time to clear out the zombie.  Madison watches the shore, then looks at the water.  There’s bubbling.  She hears a thud and there’s a shitload more bubbles, then a scream, then a whole bunch of red in the water.  A zombie floats up minus an arm.  Where’s Travis?  There he is, looking like he’s about to shit himself.

Daniel, Nick, and Alicia are going through the luggage. He finds a woman’s summer hat and a knife. He gives the hat to his sister, and she gives him a shirt. It’s a flight captain’s shirt. Dude is stylin’.

"Think Strand will let me pilot the boat now that I'm a captain?"

“Think Strand will let me pilot the boat now that I’m a captain?”

Chris finds what’s left of the fuselage of the aircraft because he’s being a worthless little shit. Hey, need a weapon? Yep, he’s got one. Looks like the little bastard wants to kill zombies. The inside of the plane is a mess. He hears a zombie growl and there’s one still strapped in a seat with a mask on. Chris starts fucking with him—”Ha ha, can’t bite me, can you?” Chris eventually takes out a zombie, starts to get ready to strike another, and right there the “zombie” wakes up and asks for help.

RT: And for the first time ever, I finally had a fuck to give for Chris.

CF:  Chris walked into some shit he didn’t expect. Lorenzo James Henrie mentioned on Talking Dead that he gets a lot of love/hate comments from people on his Twitter feed, who either think he’s working through shit great, or he’s a little asshole.  Here he kinda bit off more than he could chew.

RT: It was also an excellent reminder by AMC of just how early on into the apocalypse we still are. I think, more than anything, this will be their biggest hurdle with Fear The Walking Dead, the fact the audience know so much more than the characters ever will.

CF:  I saw people in a certain group we know who are still going on about how “These people don’t get what’s going on, they need to accept it!”  Oh, you mean like Herschel and his family did with their barn full of Walkers?  Like the people at Grady Memorial did?  The Fear Crew is only about three week out from when the first bad outbreaks begun, and they don’t know what’s going on, if it’s gonna be over tomorrow, or what.  I can understand Chris being a little asshole right now, ’cause that’s how he’d act if there weren’t zombies around.  It’s just–zombies.  And he can kill a few if he finds them.  And some times you run into a situation where you gotta put down the living because you have no choice . . .

Madison confronts Strand:  Tell me about Mexico.  He wants to know who’s meddling in his affairs, and they start throwing shit back and forth.  He’s like “I saved Nick,” Madison sets up with the return, “I saved you.”  When he realizes Madison isn’t gonna drop the questions he tells here what’s what.  Turn’s out there’s a compound in the Baja with food and supplies, he wants to get there and he doesn’t have a lot of time in which to do so.  They’re going to get there, and Madison lets him know if he tries to fuck her family, she’ll get him.  He laughs:  you’re not a killer.  She gives him a look like, Try me, bitch.

RT: For an intelligent man, Strand is really being an idiot thinking Madison is some sort of pushover.

CF:  I think Strand is in a panic and he’s trying to keep his shit together, and that’s the way the character is being played.  There’s gotta be something dark about this place they’re going.

RT: Really good point. I keep thinking drugs but would he really think drugs was still an option now the apocalypse has screwed everything up? Maybe it’s more personal, maybe it has something to do with his family?

CF:  One of the episodes coming up–I think the next–is supposed to get into Strand’s life a little.  That will answer stuff.  I also think he’s strung out now because he’s not sleeping.  It could be possible he’s doing a lot of speed to stay awake.

Daniel finds stuff, seems pensive. Nick brings him a blue shirt. Daniel says it’s bad luck to steal from the dead, and you know he’s learned that from personal experience. Nick asks if the stuff he’s looking at is for Ofelia: Daniel nods. Nick schools him in the art of knowing your drugs. Den Father Daniel realizes they’re a teen short and decides the dumb thing to do is go looking for Chris—

—Who is trying to save this guy in the plane.  He gets him out of the seat, and there’s a huge hole in his back.  There’s another zombie in a back losing its shit, and things are getting tense.  The guy is begging to be “helped”.  Chris gets his tool and after a bit of whimpering and crying he starts bashing in the guy’s head.  It takes him about six blows to get the job done, but he finally puts the guy down.  He’s all upset.  Fuck off, kid:  you wanted to be a killer, you got your shot.

Daniel is pissed. He doesn’t know where the little bastard has gone. Alicia and Nick are with the luggage. They start to go looking for Daniel, and Nick sees something. Of course it’ a drug score.

Travis is still working on the filtration system when Maddie pops in. She says she’s spoke with Strand and found out about the “fortified place.” Travis seems dubious: Maddie says trust him. Travis is smelling some kind of bullshit on this deal, but Madison wants them to be together on this. They seem to be drifting on what they both want.

Daniel sees someone running down a dune towards him, but it’s not Chris: It’s Alex. And she’s in a panic ‘cause they’re coming! The zombies are coming. Over the dune a few appear. Then a few more. Then all of them. Shit just got fucking real.

This certainly looks like hell.

This certainly looks like hell.

Nick is cleaning up on the drugs and hears something.  Sounds like growling.  He goes to look and finds one down in a hollow stuck in the sand with crabs eating him, and he’s eating the crabs.  Nick, of course, falls in the pit with Crab Zombie and a big fight starts—

RT: Seriously AMC, crab-zombie was awesome!

CF:  I loved that scene.  It was gross and cool as hell at the same time.

"This is my shirt, dude! Get your own shirt!"

“This is my shirt, dude! Get your own shirt!”

Nick uses the new knife and stabs it in the head.  Another zombie is walking on the top of the pit and he, too, falls in to join the crab fest.  Oh, shit!

RT: I really thought this would be the end of Nick and I was getting mighty pissy at AMC for taking out the one interesting teen.

CF:  He may be pretty clean, but those old junky survival instincts are still there.  He’ll go far before he dies, unless he does something really stupid.

Alicia finds Chris.  She’s concerned that something’s wrong, but he says he was just looking for supplies.  She sees the blood and suddenly the concern turns into something a little more serious.  About this time I’m ready to smack the TV ‘cause you can almost see where this is leading—

RT: Seriously Alicia? Just keep your dick in your pants already!

CF:  The show couldn’t hit us over the head enough that these two are gonna hook up at some point.  I’m picking her for the Pregnancy Countdown.

"Didn't you have a boyfriend named Matt?" "Who's Matt?"

“So tell me about Matt–”  “Who’s Matt?  Did you hear something?”

Yep, it’s a gunshot. Gunshots. Madison hears it, too. She gets out the binoculars and sees zombies all over the shore.

"It's time to leave, people!"

“Den Father says it’s time to get the fuck out!”

Travis finally removes the last thing from the filtration system:  a hand.  At least someone gave you one, dude.  The motors start, the lights are on:  time to book.

Everyone on shore is whacking zombies with their back to the wall.   It doesn’t look good.

"What? You mean I died in my other show just to die here?"

“What? You mean I died in my other show just to die here?”

RT: The above caption says it all. I really think Alycia picked the wrong show to stay with. Her talent is being wasted here.

CF:  I agree.  Right now she’s being used as “Hurt Teen Girl on the Rebound,” and if she lives she’ll probably be chasing after Chris’ dick.  She should have opted for The 100 and had a real relationship.

Alicia’s about to get bit when a zombie attacks the zombie after her and puts it down.  Only it’s not a zombie:  it’s Nick covered in blood.  He gets to whacking the hell out of zombies and tells everyone to go.  He’s playing with them, walking slow, seeing what they’ll do, making mental notes.  They don’t notice him at all and he’s blending in fine; dude has his zombie game totally down cold.

RT: Please don’t let this be Nick’s new outfit for the season. Or at least wash the shirt…

CF:  Sorry to disappoint you, but he’s already dressing the same way for the next episode.  It may be that what happens next occurs real fast and he hasn’t had time to clean up.

RT: I think you are right here. And that warpaint looks like being a stayer as well. I know the reason AMC don’t use this tactic as much is because of the risk of infection through a cut. So could Nick take this to the extreme and be the first person infected without being bit?

CF:  I want to see where he goes with this.  I know he does get out of this shirt and cleans up, but it could be he’s keeping this on for a little while to get past the zombies on a beach in go inland.  I can see a lot of zombies getting stuck on the beach and being unable to get back up to where the homes are.

FTWD S2 E3 Nick Bloody

“I was the walking dead long before you assholes.”

He finally makes a break with everyone else and gets to the boat.  Alicia is so worried about him ‘cause of the blood.  Alex says they need to make a stop as they bring out the raft.

We’re back on the Abigail and Strand is watching things go down. The motor raft is towing the raft from Flight 462 we saw at the start of the episode. Alex has Jake and he’s still alive, still hanging. Strand totally loses his shit: he does not want to deal with these people. Madison has enough and tells everyone about Mexico. There’s arguments about why they are going there: Travis steps in and says the decisions have been made and they’re heading south.

Alicia wants to know what they’re going to do with these two new people, Alex and Jake. Strand wants to leave them for the sharks, Travis tries to compromise and says they’ll tow them to San Diego and that way they aren’t on the boat. Madison seems like she doesn’t care, like she’s sick of fighting this fight. Food and water are brought out and Alex and Jake are left in the raft. Alicia is freaking about how they’re treating them. Travis and Maddie stand on the fantail as the tow starts.

Ofelia is sitting alone when Nick comes up. She says he smells like death: he gives her a crucifix.

RT: A crucifix. What, like the one Carol (Melissa McBride) had in The Walking Dead? Wouldn’t it be cool if this crucifix somehow ended up being the actual one Carol has in season 6 of The Walking Dead?

CF:  Or Ofelia starts killing people and then begging them to leave her alone.  🙂

Strand is on the bridge, pissed. He’s worked up and ready to pop.

Alex is still with Jake, she’s talking about how everything is the worst right now but it won’t get any worse.  Her words are comforting but her body language says something different.

At the stern Madison is watching the raft. And then Strand show up with a machete and this shit happens:

FTWD S2 E3 Bye Alex

With not even so much as an “Adios, Motherfuckers!” the last people we know of from Flight 462 are left to float away, probably never to be seen again, probably to die and turn, and Strand walks off giving zero shits about what he just did.  With this last, screwed-up act, Our Man Strand elevates himself to such a level of douchebaggery that all true Walking Dead fans know there’s only one thing we can say:

FTWD S2 E3 Full Shane

RT: Can we kill Strand already yet? As for Alex (who is billed on IMDb as Charlie BTW), can Tobias find her? They could gang up and form a tribe that this group meets up with in a few seasons time. Except Alex and Tobias are all full of hate and have a distinctive weapon that they like to kill people with…

CF:  I saw something where it looks as if Alex shows up in Episode 6, so we might see her again.  But having her hook up with Tobias would be epic!  And, yes:  if Strand doesn’t straight his shit out and get open with everyone, they’re gonna kill him.  And the IMDb listing is strange.  I even had it as Charlie, but they call her Alex.  Gotta be a reason.

RT: I completely agree there is something going on with this name thing. AMC might have a reason to change names in The Walking Dead, but Fear has no comic books to spoil it.I just might have to dig a bit more on this one 😉

There you have it:  just when you think Fear the Walking Dead couldn’t get any darker, they decide to go there.  Let us know what you thought by leaving your comments below!


3 thoughts on “Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 3, “Ouroboros”

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  2. I won’t forget Chris and Alicia (Aleesha) getting it on, or at least trying to, whilst the zombie horde are just feet away from them. Hell, that was funny.
    I predict that they take the ship from Strand, once they’ve got the safe house location of course.
    Oh and they keep saying that Strand is taking them to Mexico, then people are saying they’re going to Baja, California, then they keep referring to Baja like it’s in Mexico. I got totally confused with that.
    I’m really enjoying this much more now, even though you just know those little expeditions always turn to shit.
    Another great re-cap!


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