Orphan Black, Season 4, Episode 3, “The Stigmata of Progress”

OB S4 E3 Ira and Rachel

Today we’re seeing a little progress–seeing sort of being the lead here in Orphan Black.  Let’s see what ‘s ahead in Episode 3, Shall we?


Rachel’s artificial eye being adjusted. Rachel’s clone sister, Charlotte (Cynthia Galant) is watching from nearby and has the pithy comment that the eye is like Pluto, which isn’t really a planet but more a runt. The smartass in her is strong: maybe she should write with us. Rachel’s being treated by a Castor clone whose name is Ira (Ari Millen). Rachel knows they’re in the middle of nowhere, and she’s not digging this at all. She’s totally giving this guy shit, but he’s a lot cooler than the other Castors; he even says so, probably because he wasn’t raised with them. Since it’s not Orphan Black without some body horror, a needle enters Rachel’s artificial eye and pigment is pumped in so that over time it’ll look real—

RT: It’s about time some of these Castor boys got interesting!

CF:  In case you didn’t catch this, Ira spelled backwards is Ari.  Someone worked overtime on that character name.

At the Rabbit Hole, there’s music and board gaming. Kira (Skyler Wexle) is playing a game. She says she knows when things are bad. Spooky child is being spooky. Sarah is having an ultrasound on her cheek. Cosima and Scott (Josh Vokey) are coming up with ideas on what this thing is, but they’re only guessing. Sarah’s pissed because she’s got some kind of maggot in her jaw and she wants that shit out now.

Charlotte girl is looking at stones and chatting away while Rachel is trying her damnedest to walk during physical training.

"Are you my sister or my mother, Rachel? This is almost as confusing as Game of Thrones."

“Are you my sister or my mother, Rachel? This is almost as confusing as Game of Thrones.”

It’s obvious from the way she has trouble with words from time-to-time that there’s still a bit of brain damage from the Pencil Shot Heard Round Dyad. She falls, and there’s Doctor Susan Duncan (Rosemary Dunsmore), aka Mommy Dearest. She’s being nice and all to her clone daughter, but Rachel is like go to hell you bitch. Not a lot of love here.

"Spare me the 'I've fallen' jokes."

“Spare me the ‘I’ve fallen’ jokes.”

Sarah wants to find the guy who gave her the video; Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) wants to find someone to pull that thing out of her cheek. Kira has had enough of this gaming bullshit, knocks it off the table as Sarah pops up from the Rabbit Hole Lab to say goodbye.

Back at the Hendrix House Donnie (Kristian Bruun) is checking the inside of Alison’s mouth, and she’s not liking it. Since Cosima doesn’t know what this thing is, Alison starts to thinking they maybe she knows where she can find one—like in Leeke’s face. She takes Donnie out to the garage and, while staring at the floor, says all they gotta do is dig him up and remove the robot maggot in his mouth. Easy peasy, yeah? So go to the store and rent a jackhammer! Chop the fuck chop, boy!

RT: Alison is the bomb for getting shit done 😉

Sarah hits Felix’s pad and finds some spaced-out chick there drinking wine and speaking in the broadest southern accent this side of Gone With the Wind.  She makes friends the easy way by thinking Sarah is a drug dealer.  Felix (Jordan Gavaris) comes home just then and introduces Adele (Lauren Hammersley), his biological sister.  This girl is definitely not rolling in the deep.  Lots of awkward moments as the foster sister is introduced.  Sarah Leaves Southern Exposure to get her wine on while she speaks to Fee alone.  Right off the bat she’s pissed caused Fee is high as shit.  Sarah wants him to blow off the girl, he wants to stay with his new-found sis.  Sarah tells him to piss off; he gives her the same.  Siblings!

RT: I love that Felix is finally getting his very own storyline 😀

Helena is out of the showers and Donnie walks in as Battle Angle Helena is raiding the ‘fridge.  Donnie grabs a robe to cover her up because sestra’s back is a scared-up mess.  While Alison starts jackhammering the garage floor Donnie asks Helena if she could keep an eye on the kids.  She’s good with it, and gets to chowing hard.

Sarah’s checking out stuff on here hunt for bug removal and comes across an old building. Inside looks abandoned, however . . . She find a door, knocks, and it opens reviling Dizzy, the dude who gave her the phone vid. She says she’s tells Sarah, M.K.’s sister, and she wants to talk. He wants to pass, she tries to force her way in. He feels the bug in her cheek and changes his mind. He starts giving her the lowdown on the bug as they smoke a joint; it could be anything, but he thinks it’s for feeding toxins to the brain, which doesn’t sound like fun. She wants to get in touch with M.K., but he feels it’s all too sketchy: if you’re her sister, why you need me to find her?

RT: I am just terrified about what this worm actually is and the implications of it for Sarah.

Doctor Duncan and Ira are having dinner with Rachel. Ol’ One Eye figures out why Doc Duncan was gone for two months: she was out looking for the original. And couldn’t find it. Rachel gloats: knows Sarah has found them and pulled one over on them again. Rachel is pissed and wants the Doc gone, Doc Duncan is isn’t putting up with shit from her clone daughter and says she’s a total disappointment. We find out during this Dinner From Hell that Charlotte was cloned from Rachel, and it only took four hundred attempts to get it right.

Alison and Donnie are through the floor and digging like mad. They’re a thunk and they strike Leeke. Break over the bag he’s in and it’s puke city, baby! Maybe some potpourri will take care of this stink—

Art (Kevin Hanchard) is still watching videos, and sees the meeting Beth has with the Neo. Sarah shows up and she looks shaky as hell. She shows the video of Neo with the tech in his mouth to Art, and Sarah admits she’s freaking. She wants it out now; she gives Art the name of the guy in the video: Alonzo Martinez.

Felix and Adele are out having a picnic dinner where there’s a lot of guys skate boarding. He’s talking about their dad: they’re from different mothers, his English, her’s American. She wants to know what his foster sister thinks; he doesn’t give a shit what she thinks.

Sarah’s watching a bit of video with Paul in it and experiencing the feels. Helena calls Sarah and they have a short conversation, telling Sarah the news about the twins, and tells Sarah she doesn’t want her twins to grow up like her. Sarah totally gets that. There’s the doorbell at House Hendrix (Motto: Ours is the Accidental Homicide). It’s two detectives investigating a triple homicide. May we come in?

Alison is diggin’ in the dirt while Donnie is in the kitchen to grab a little something—and he hears the cops talking to “Mrs. Hendrix.” “Alison” greets “Husband Donald” and tells him what going on. Helena is playing hostess while Donnie excuses himself to panics and tells Alison to stop. She tells him to get in with Helena and don’t blow this.

Mrs. S thinks she’s found someone to help Sarah, and while she’s out Kira is going to stay with Auntie Cosima. Kira is spacing, dreaming, unaware. Cosima asks her what’s up and Kira says she saw all the aunties together, and Cosima had Mommy on fire because she was “changing”—

"Note for Google Calendar: do not schedule any family gatherings any time soon."

“Note for Google Calendar: do not schedule a Clone Club gatherings any time soon.”

The cops speaking to Helena and Donnie are there because they found Alison’s campaign fliers at the scene of the crime. Helena’s doing her best to be domestic and offers breads that “Husband Donnie” will get. The cops just wanna ask questions and every time they ask something of “Alison”, Donnie answers. This is really pissing off the cops, who warn Donnie he can’t answer for his “wife”. They ask Helena about the people who helped with her campaign and wouldn’t you know, The Crazy Ukrainian remembers all the people involved in the election. That’s all the cops want, and they go away happy.

"Are you sure you not like breads? Mine are not yeasty."

“Husband Donnie, why are police not beating us with rubber hose when questions asked?”

Alison isn’t all that surprised that Helena knew that stuff because she’s a trained assassin so she has to remember things—oh, look! There’s Leeke’s head! And there’s something in his cheek! When they’re now puking they realize they’ve found what they’re looking for.

Back in Nowhere, Wherever, Charlotte and Rachel are painting, and the Littlest Clone tells her clone sister momma that she made Susan lose her temper. Under their painting they’re passing messages because they’re being watched through remote video by Doctor Duncan. Rachel asks if Charlotte got out her message—Rachel doesn’t have Internet access because she probably spends too much time on Facebook—and Little Clone says yes. Charlotte coughs up blood and acts like it’s no big deal; Rachel is concerned.

Sarah’s watching Paul on video again, the part where Beth was ready to blow him away. Art calls: he found something. This dude from the video was in town for one day and showed up at a dental clinic that specialized in implants. After he hangs up Art runs into the Neo who’s working on the force, and he starts giving him a bit of shit about visiting Beth, but in a nice way.

Alison and Donnie are Skypeing with Cosima, telling her they have something, but Donnie doesn’t want to say where it came from. Alison says they have to tell Cosima, ‘cause she’s a scientist and lesbian, so no way in hell she’ll let things go without full disclosure. Donnie eventually stumbles the story out, and Cosima about shits when she hears he killed Leeke, but Alison pushes that aside with a “You want this, then come get it!”

Sarah pays a visit to the clinic that did the implant. She’s trying to be cool and sneaks in the back when the receptionist isn’t looking. It looks pretty dental; nothing out of the ordinary, but someone recognizes her and wants to know what she’s doing there—the woman thinks she’s Beth. The woman is covering for Beth, mentions that she watched the procedures and it was upsetting. She drops the Martinez name, and “Beth” say she thinks one of the things is in her. The woman says she may be able to get it out.

Mrs. S is waiting for her “Doctor” and Ferdinand (James Frain) shows up. S pulls a gun on him, but Ferdie blows that off: he’s more concerned about why Siobhan needs someone to remove Neo tech. He may be able to help: he knows about how dangerous things are. He sort of wonders: what do I want in return? S doesn’t find out ‘cause right then Art calls about the clinic and says Sarah has missed her call-in. It could be trouble.

At the clinic the woman is closing up; it’s just her and Sarah now. Sarah’s in the dentist chair and the woman is starting on her, getting appliances in her mouth to keep it open. The woman goes into Sarah’s mouth and says she has the device hooks, so don’t move or it will kill you with tendrils of toxin—you got that, Beth? Just blink, ‘kay? Oh, and the woman mentions that she called her superiors and they’re on their way, so expect the shit is about to hit the fan momentarily. She isn’t lying: a man walks in, heads up to the woman—and cuts open her throat like it’s no big deal. It’s Ferdinand. He removes all the appliances from Sarah’s mouth, because he knows they’re no way the bug was punctured. He’s not only there to rescue Sarah, but he’s got other news: he’s heard from Rachel, and it appears Susan Duncan is alive.

"Oh, and by the way, you're got three cavities. You need to brush more."

“Oh, and by the way, you’re got three cavities. You need to brush more.”

Rachel is sleeping and awakes as someone entered the bedroom.  It’s Momma Duncan, and she begins offering her regret about how she couldn’t be with her daughter.  All the pent up anger Rachel’s felt for years comes out, and she tells Susan she feels Susan is feeling guilty because she abandoned her.  Susan admits that she raised a Castor clone because she had no choice, it was something required.  She tells Rachel that she may be the one to take over once she’s gone, all for “the greater good”.  Rachel wonders, What is that?  Why, says Susan, it’s so we can control human evolution and create a more perfect human being.  Mic Drop, Science Style.



And so concludes the third episode of Orphan Black. Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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