Orphan Black, Season 4, Episode 6, “The Scandal of Altruism”

OB S4 E6 Beth

Last night we started the middle of the three-episode arc of Orphan Black, and if last week was shades of crazy grays, last night was nothing but dark–


All Leda clones played by Tatiana Maslany.


Beth in the blond wig. Gun in purse, popping a pill because that’s what she does. She’s getting off an elevator on her way to a nice party. She has an Bright Born electronic pass; it’s scanned, she’s in. Lots of pretty people shooting this shit. She spots Susan Duncan (Rosemary Dunsmore) who’s speaking with Evie (Jessalyn Wanlim). Beth knocks a drink into Susan who goes into the bathroom to clean up. Before Susan can react there’s Beth, facing her, gun out. She tells Susan she knows everything.

RT: I just can’t love this Beth backstory enough! I am so glad BBC finally decided to go back there 😀

CF:  I do love how they pulled it off.  There has only been one instance where you didn’t know you were in a flashback.  And seeing what drove Beth over the edge as well as the other crap going on with Bright Born and Dyad.

Back to the present day, and Susan and Ira (Ari Millen) are in a bedroom.  It’s morning and they’re talking about how and where she found him.  They’re a nice but strange couple, and not because of their age difference, but because there’s a weird-ass vibe coming off their relationship.  Then it hits:  she’s really testing him with memories.  He’s says he’s good:  he’s not glitching.  She kisses him and comments that she hopes Sarah comes through.

Sarah and Cosima are talking over the computer, discussing the discussion Cosima had with Susan the night before. The idea of handing over Kendall’s (Alison Steadman) genome seems good, but still . . . Sarah asks about the tests Cosima was running and wants to know if she was getting anywhere. That a negatory from Science Girl: It wasn’t working. Cosima admits she doesn’t believe she has much time.

Art’s (Kevin Hanchard) at the station and hears a familiar voice. And . . . it’s Krystal. Just another day in Cloneville. She’s demanding protective custody ‘cause there are like people out there trying to get her. Det. Duko (Gord Rand) comes down and Art distracts him before he sees Krystal. Once Doucheko is out of the way Art heads for the front desk and meets with Krystal. He mentions that should should speak elsewhere, and they head off to one of the meeting rooms where they talk privately as Art start going through her diary. She’s still talking shit about cosmetic testing and telling Art about how she’s gonna bust them. He asks her if Leda means anything to her, and after a moment she says she loves their eye liner.

Sarah’s at Bright Born to meet with Evie and Susan. Ira shows up looking like he’s ready to throw a wet blanket on the party, and Sarah doesn’t dig having a Castor clone there. Ira says he’s safe: yeah, we’ve heard that before. Sarah want to know what the bot in her face is doing: Evie says it’s designed to make her sick, but it’s not working, because she’s still alive. Oh, that’s good! Sarah drops a bomb in this little conversation: Kendall has cancer.

RT: It may not be making Sarah sick, but it is as sure as shit making me feel sick about it 😦

CF:  I’m sure we’re gonna see more bots soon.

Back at Rabbit Hole Comics Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and Kendall are having a heart-to-heart about giving up her genome. Cosima figures out that Kendall’s cancer may help them isolate the Leda cells from the Castor cells, thereby giving Susan only the genomes necessary to cure Leda. Good thinking, Science Girl.

This intercuts back to Bright Born, where it’s obvious the discussion back at the Rabbit Hole already happened, for Sarah is telling Susan what they’re doing. Ira doesn’t like the solution about only finding info on Leda because it pretty much means he’s gonna die, but Susan makes the decision to get the Leda genome after thinking about it for, oh, maybe five seconds. Get a hard drive for me, boy . . .

Back in the past, Susan and Beth square off. Susan rattles off Beth’s family history: she’s her maker, she knows her mother, doesn’t know much about her father. Beth gets Susan down on her knees, ready to kill her. Susan says she’s protecting the clones from her own mistakes. Susan says without her the sister clones will wither. Beth is ready to blow her away, but the shot doesn’t come. Susan turns: Beth’s gone.

Sarah’s showing Beth on tape to Mrs. S. They are going over what Beth was doing, but Mrs. S is pissed about Kendall being handed over to Susan. Mrs. S is going to make Susan honest, but she doesn’t like that Sarah has made everyone unsafe, and that she’s pretty much thinking about herself and no one else.

Scott (Josh Vokey) and Cosima are getting her data onto a terabyte drive so they can hand it over to Susan. Cosima doesn’t know if they’re surrendering or not, but Scott say they would have cracked it if they had the time. That brightens up Cosima as they head out for the meeting.

Ira isn’t handling this deal well at all:  he doesn’t want to die and that’s what’s gonna happen.  Susan tells him she’s find a way for him; she’s fix him somehow.  But he has to understand Leda is the way to advance humans—

RT: Is it wrong that I just really don’t care about the boy clones? I think it has to do with the fact they were all introduced so quickly and they all looked so similar that I just never connected with them.

CF:  The Castor clones don’t seem to be different, but I think that’s because they were raised to be weapons.  That really stunts their personalities.  And they’re guys.  😉

RT: Actually, I think you have hit the nail on the head with them being weapons 😉 And that kinda makes it sad now for me 😦

CF:  That was stated at one point, I believe, that whoever was cloning them was looking at them as weapons development.  They weren’t raise nicely.  I think Ira and the one who got married were the ones who broke free and became different.

Art and Sarah are talking about Beth. Going back to one of the taps they wonder about the blood on Beth’s hands, wonder how it happened. And what they should do with Krystal . . .

Mrs. S and Felix (Jordan Gavaris) talk. He’s off to see Krystal, and he’s ready for the meeting with Susan. Scott has their equipment set up in Fee’s joint. Susan shows up with her posse. Time to make the clones.

Sarah and Cosima show up at Bright Born, ready to extract the bot from Sarah’s jaw.  The woman who originally stiffed Sarah in the laundromat looking for M.K. is going to help, but Sarah is like no fucking way, piss off.  Cosima steps in and says she’ll assist:  she’s got her sestra’s back.

Back at the Fee Pad Susan and Kendall are talking: she gets to hear about how valuable she is. In another part of town Ira is simply pissed off.

OB S4 E6 Evie and Cosima

Sarah is down in the chair and Evie and Cosima are watching the bot in her jaw. There it is, but it’s leaking, and that’s not good: the toxin it’s releasing could kill Sarah. Cosima thinks quickly and manages to plug the leak, allowing for removal. It’s out and Sarah spits, relieved she’s through with this shite.

RT: Oh, thank the gods!

CF:  Yeah, but who else has one?

RT: Oh. No. Don’t you say that! Now I can’t unthink it 😦

CF:  That’s why I’m here:  to think the unthinkable.

"I said I'd get you ice cream, and since you were a good clone . . ."

“I said I’d get you ice cream, and since you were a good clone . . .”

Scott prepares to find the Leda cell. The phone rings: Sarah calls and says the bot is out, do the deal. Susan is happy she got her cells; Kendall could give a shit. The driver takes off with her and they head down to the van outside. As they’re getting in someone with a knife attacks—

Krystal is at Art’s, still talking.  There’s a knock:  it’s Fee looking like someone’s strange meth dream of Sherlock Holmes.  Krystal is freaking: because she knows Fee:  she’s done his nails, they talked, he stole her diary.  Fee and Art are bullshitting their asses off about who Fee is and why he’s there, and the moment Fee gets close to Krystal to talk—

“I have personal space!  Keep back!”

Yeah, that went well.

Sarah returns to Fee’s and is about to go up when she spots two things on the ground:  fresh blood and Kendall’s pack of smokes—  Sarah’s runs upstairs and enters in a hurry.  She wants to know how everything’s going, if they got everything—and then she starts dumping bleach on the removed cells, destroying them.  She goes into a cold rage:  Kendall’s missing, and they’re holding on to Susan until they know what’s going on.

Evie and Cosima are making small talk about the Leda clones, but Cosima has something else on her mind: she wants to know about Delphine. Evie doesn’t know anything: Delphine was with Dyad and that’s something she didn’t get involved with. EMT Girl comes in: there’s a problem.

Fee is recovering from the macing, and naturally Krystal feels bad.  He tells her she’s right about everything:  cosmetic companies are putting stem cells in makeup, but they’re gonna know that she’s on to them so she needs to lay low.  Fee gives her a Clone Phone with all the necessary numbers.  She’s still upset about the macing:  she’s been clumsily like that ever since she smacked French doctor, who turns out to be Delphine.  Fee what’s to know what happened with Delphine.  Krystal grows sad and say she saw her get shot.

They bring Susan to the safe house and begin questioning: they want to know where Kendall was taken. Sarah figures out that Ira snatched her. Sarah’s pulls a gun on Susan and wants to know where he is. After a few moments Susan gives him up. Sarah and Benjamin show up at the Ira location. They go in and find nothing—oh, shit, there’s Ira in the tub, glitching. No, not glitching: the dumb bastard ODed, he’s trying to die. Sarah’s trying to get him to vomit. There’s no Kendal.

Van driving out into a field as the sun sets.  The driver gets out and opens the back of the van showing a trussed up Kendall.  Duko looks down upon her—


CF:  The second I saw this I felt the bottom drop out.  I didn’t see it getting better.

OB S4 E6 Kendal

Once dark Duko giving Kendall a smoke.  She wants to know what’s going on.  She knows there’s a problem and figures someone’s got the hooks in him.  He says he’s in over his head.

Sarah’s giving an update on Ira while Mrs. S is going batshit on Susan. Scott calls with more bad news: there was a virus on the drive they got from Bright Born and it’s wiping their data. All of it. It’s gone, lost, fucked. Susan figures there’s some competing technology out there and says it likely due to the Engineer.

Evie shows up out in the field with Cosima. It’s not looking good for the old woman: it appears they’re getting ready to torch her.

Susan figures out this all goes back to the meeting in the bathroom with Beth. Susan figures out Evie is the competing technology and set up Beth to kill Susan. In a flashback we see Beth corner Evie in a limo and confronts her, letting her anger get the better of her as she pistol whips Evie—

Evie tells Cosima everything, like she’s a fucking supervillain in need of monologuing.  She doesn’t need clones ‘cause she can fix people:  hell, she was fixed; there’s your proof.  Clones are old bullshit, what she’s doing at Bright Born is the new hotness.  She tells Cosima to say goodbye to Kendall.  She approaches the van, but Duko won’t let her get close.  Cosima wants to know what to do; Kendall tells her do right by your sisters and I’m proud to be part of you.  Then she lays down the line of the night:  “No tears, Deary.  This shite ain’t worth the salt.”  She tells Cosima to turn around so she doesn’t see what’s next.  There’s a shot and a thud and Duko torches the van:  the original is gone.  Cosima falls to her knees, devastated.  Evie looks down on her and gives her the last bit of bad news:  Delphine was shot dead.  That brings the tears.  Evie is gloating, says to tell Susan the original is dead, and to tell Sarah it’s all over, and let them all now Beth died for nothing.

RT: Curls up into a ball and starts rocking. This part is just so horrible, sad, everything 😦

CF:  If it wasn’t for having to take notes I would have been right there with you.  When Cosima sobbed upon hearing that Delphine was dead, I felt my heart break.  This hurt so much.

OB S4 E6 Cosima

When Cosima cries, we all cry.

The van burns while Evie silently watches Cosima crying. We intercut to flashbacks of Beth beating on Evie when Duko shows up and prevents Beth from killing her. She wants to know if it’s true about the past, and Duko tells her they’ve killed clones before, it can be done again. Go home to your sisters. Beth heads home with blood on her hands as in the present Cosima calls Sarah and tells her everything. In the past Beth knows Neolution was going to burn them all down, and she failed to stop them. She has the final farewell with Mika, while in the future the call about Kendall is taken by to Sarah, who seems lost as Mrs. S cries over the death of her mother.

And then this last shot:

Walk to the light, Beth. And think of your sisters . . .

We’re in a dark place now, and with only four episodes remaining the only thing we know for sure is that Evie Cho has become the most hated person in the Cloneverse.  Do you think she cares?

"Are you crying? CRY HARDER, BABIES!"

“Are you crying? CRY HARDER, BABIES!”

RT: I just. There are no words to describe my hate for Evie right now.

CF:  I said in the first recap keep an eye on this bitch.  Now you now why; I just knew she was gonna be super-bad.  She needs Helena to fuck her up long and slow.

RT: Yes! This is the only thing that will make all of this better!

CF:  I think we’ll see Helena back at some point doing just that.

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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