Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 9, “Los Muertos”

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

[Image via AMC]

And now we come to Episode 9 of Fear the Walking Dead, where we continue Nick’s story and take a seaside rendezvous with Maddie, Strand, and the girls:


The Children of the Resurrection.


There’s blood on the sheets and coughing, but not from Nick (Frank Dillane), who’s laying in bed.  The coughing comes the older woman next to him in the clinic.  She coughing up a lot blood:  there’s a pan full of her tissues.  He goes outside:  it’s quiet, deserted.  Leaving the compound he follows a road and eventually finds a little girl.  From his advantage he see a lot of dead people behind a fence, a bus in the fence, and a lot of the people from the compound watching Lucinda and Alejandro wish some guy well.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

[Image via AMC]

The dude goes into the bus and walks through into where the dead as the members of the compound watch and chant.  He’s attacked and eaten.  Shows over, guys.  Nick is shocked.

Flying over the land and there’s Strand’s truck hauling ass with Madison (Kim Dickens) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) in the back.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

[Image via AMC]

Madison beats on the side to get him to stop and gets out. The seaside city they’re looking over is deserted as well. They’ve been looking for Nick and Travis for two days. Strand (Colman Domingo) and Alicia want to return to the boat: they are right when they say they can’t keep looking.

Nick’s walking around rubber necking.  Someone calls to him though he doesn’t speak Spanish but he gets the impression they need help.  Alejandro (Paul Calderon) come and does his best to take care of people, but as he tells one person he’s only a pharmacist, not a doctor, and he can only do so much.  He then speaks with Lucinda (Danay Garcia) while Nick continues helping.

Strand and the ladies reach the site of the Abigail and guess the fuck what? It’s been jacked. Like we never saw this coming.

RT: Can anyone say “Captain Alex”?

CF:  Yep!  Military my arse:  Alex is cruising around in that sucker now.

RT: Which means Jack might be on board too. Won’t Alicia be happy when she finds out 😉

CF:  I thought she was still carrying a torch for Matt?  😀

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

Dude, someone stole my boat! [Image via AMC]

They need a place to stay, though Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) wants to walk into the sea. Alicia wants to find shelter: Madison wants to look for Nick. Alicia gets on mom’s shit and tells her they are the only two left, so deal, mom. They leave a message for Nick and Travis and head north. There’s a seaside hotel. Nothing is moving. It looks foggy and cold. Which means they’re gonna check it out.

Nick is gathering water. First tank is dry. He tried another and it works but the water looks funky. Lucinda tells him the water’s bad—duh—but he doesn’t speaking Spanish so it’s lost on him.

Strand and the ladies pull up to a hotel. It’s been barricaded from the inside, which means there were people. They finally break in and see the lobby’s been cleared out. Madison figures there’s someone here ‘cause, you know, inside barricade, and with that Strand starts hitting the counter bell trying to get someone. He says the service is sub par, which is Strand-speak for “This places sucks.”

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

“I am not leaving a good review on Yelp.”  [Image via AMC]

Nick is told by Lucinda to follow her and they head to the bus.  She goes into the area of the dead and pins one deader to a wall with knives in his arms.  She finally speaks English and says they’re going somewhere bad.  She tells him to follow her and pretty much keep his fucking mouth shut.  She does the Zombie Blood Foundation thing, as does Nick, and they walk through the zombies untouched.  He wants to know why he picked him:  she says no one will miss him.

RT: How funny was Nick’s skittish face going into that bus?!

CF:  Out in the wild he’s all cool with Walking With Zombies, but he was freaking the fuck out when Lucinda was heading into that area.  There were a couple of times in this episode when I wondered if Nick was having second thoughts about the whole “The dead aren’t monsters” line of thought.

RT: EXACTLY what I was thinking too. Suddenly the cult of the dead is just not what he thought it would be. I can see Nick coming full circle and returning back to Madison rather than her finding him with this group.

CF:  That makes a whole lot of sense.  Also, this compound is giving me a full-on Woodbury feeling, and it’s only a matter of time before it goes straight to hell and Nick has to flee.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

[Image via AMC]

Back at the hotel the gang is checking shit out and they enter one of the ballrooms where it looks like a wedding reception was ongoing. Ofelia reveals she was almost married to a guy named William, but he moved to New Mexico and she stayed in L.A. to look after her parents. Madison finds and picture of the happy couple and can’t put it down.

Lucinda and Nick are walking through Tijuana. He wants to know about what happened that morning. She says when someone is near death they join the dead and protect us, and since that guy had been bit he wasn’t long for the world. He wants to know if she might have been wrong—about the dead protecting them and all—and she talks of faith, of the dead returning, and how when they leave the world will be renew. Nick feels this is Alejandro’s talking and she tells him that she saw him bit—and he never turned. Nick calls bullshit—literally—but she sticks to her story.

RT: This storyline has just piqued my interest. While I think Alejandro is full of shit, Lucinda too, it certainly will be interesting to see how the truth is revealed.

CF:  There is a point in TWD comic that seems to indicate one might not be able to get infected from a bite, but it’s not proven point.  I’m curious if the show is going to lay out the possibility that sometimes you can survive.

RT: I kind of hope so. It would certainly be interesting to explore. But, then again, if Alejandro really is immune, why are they sending bitten people to the Wall if they could, potentially, be immune as well?

CF:  I just saw your article on this, and since it looks like we’ll get an answer at some ponit, I’m interested to see how it plays out.

RT: After writing that article, I am sure Alejandro is pulling a Eugene.

In the hotel Alicia wants to check all the rooms. Madison says no: Alicia says if there was anyone here they’re have seen them. Madison is like, we need to stay together but Alicia isn’t having any of this shit. (Note: For once I felt like Alicia was the one in the Clark family thinking with a clear head. You could see Maddie was stressed the fuck out and had her mind elsewhere.) She takes Ofelia and goes. Strand wants Madison to have a drink: he knows she’s losing it. He says it’s medicinal, after all, so it’s all good.

RT: I agree, Alicia had her shit together something fierce in this episode. It was nice to see and I hope she continues in this manner. Ofelia could take a leaf out of Alicia’s book tonight, because she was misery guts personified.

CF:  Alicia was just about a second away from flipping the switch and getting into Lexi mode.  I do hope she keeps this up, and the teasers for next week indicate she’s getting her shit wired right.

RT: Oh god, I hope so!

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

[Image via AMC]

Lucinda and Nick reach their destination:  one of the gangs still in charge of Tijuana are guarding a large building.  Lucinda unloads her weapons and deals:  water for medicine.  They give her a cart and she goes inside the warehouse full of goods—for now.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

Blue Light Special on Aisle–hell it doesn’t matter. [Image via AMC]

Madison and Strand are getting their drink on. After listening to her speak Strand figures out she’s from the south and she tells him: Alabama. Oh, god, please, let her have a worthless-ass sister who moved to Georgia and married a small-town cop… Anyway, Madison worked a bar while going t to school and knows his martini is bullshit. Break out the tequila, bitch—

RT: Oh, dear god, please let her have a sister!

CF:  And we know which sister!

Alicia and Ofelia are on the prowl. Ofelia let’s be known she doesn’t like hotels. The go to open one door and there’s dead inside, so don’t open. Alicia knocks on another door: more dead. They notice both doors had “Do Not Disturb” signs so Ofelia finds a room without one and they go inside. It’s been tossed good. In the bathroom Alicia finds a zombie that hung himself. Ofelia can’t stop staring, but eventually Alicia pulls her away. On the way out of the room Alicia switches the sign to Do Not Disturb. Well, at least the staff will know not to bother the zombie inside…

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

[Image via AMC]

On the shopping trip Lucinda says they’re looking for water and gauze, only stuff they need. There’s a tent city inside the warehouse. Nick’s helping load up the cart while checking shit out real well, particularly one of the main dudes worrying over a sick woman.

Alicia and Ofelia enter another room: the minibar is stocked and the bathroom has hot water. Alicia wonders why the guy they found gave up. Ofelia says that maybe he was tried of surviving. She tells Alicia they’re not going to make it and remembers how she thought her dad was always one step behind hope. Alicia tells her they’re family now, so don’t give up.

RT: I loved the contrast in opinions in this conversation. Alicia truly doesn’t understand Ofelia’s despondency and vice versa. It really shows you just who is likely to survive in the long run…

CF:  It really is like night and day.  Ofelia has been losing it slowly, but the whole, “Let’s walk into the ocean” thing was enough to tip off everyone that she’s not long for the world.  I think that’s why Alicia wanted to be with her:  she knew Strand and her mom wouldn’t give her enough attention and Alicia can try and convince her to keep going on.

RT: Oh, great point!

As Lucinda and Nick leave the gang attacks Nick: he tried walking out with something that wasn’t his and gets knocked the fuck out. He’s laid out and about to get his hand chopped off.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

“We couldn’t do the cop in Georgia so you get it, puta!” [Image via AMC]

Lucinda is working had to save him and Nick is helping. He things the dude who wants to chop him has a sick sister and he needs Oxy for her, so he keeps begging Lucinda to ask that. They get an affirm and Nick starts dealing, ‘cause if there’s one thing he understands it’s drug deals. He tells them he loses the hand they lose the Oxy, and when that happens you may as well get set for your sister to turn. The dude lets up but Nick doesn’t: He tell them they want another another cart of water for more Oxy—and they get it. On the way back Lucinda is worried the gang is going to follow them now and find out where they are located, and when that happens they’re fucked. Yeah, but we got water, right?

RT: I still can’t believe Nick didn’t lose his hand. To be honest, I think it was a sucky thing to do, write Nick out of being maimed. It was something these guys would never have done. They wouldn’t have hesitated. But, Nick scoring an extra trolley of goods, slick move dude.

CF:  It really goes back to why Rick never lost his hand to the Governor like he did in the comic:  the show then has to green screen that shit all the time and it runs up the cost of production.  That was the reason given then, and I’d guess that’s the same reason here.  In real life we’d be calling Nick “Stubby”.

Madison and Strand are getting blasted, which really isn’t that fucking smart a thing to do when you’re in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

RT: It’s at this point that I just knew it was going to head south.

CF:  Seriously.  How could you not know this is gonna go tits up at some point?

RT: I read an interview with the showrunner today where he stated they needed a reason to get Strand and Madison together in this episode, to develop their characters, and this scene was it. It all going to the crapper was merely the icing on the cake.

CF:  I do love their chemistry, and on Talking Dead Kim and Colman said they’ve become good friends on and off the set.  It really shows.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

[Image via AMC]

He’s talking about how back in the old world they’d have probably met in a hotel bar somewhere, gotten drunk and rapped for a while.  She is surprised that he would hit on her and he says it would have been fun, that he is (line of the night) “a seducer of people.”  He’s upset that there’s nothing to talk about now:  no Tom, no Steven (Maddie’s husband), no shitty bar in which to hang.  Madison is finally starting to give up on Nick.  She figures he’s finally lost and she says it’s his father’s darkness:  the boy always heads towards death.  Strand wants to know how Steven passed and she tells him that he drove home tired, fell asleep at the wheel, and crossed into oncoming traffic.  She’s upset:  she can’t save the kids, she can’t save anyone.  Madison is getting pretty fucked up, toasting to motherhood and shit before tossing her glass against the wall.  Then another toast to false hope and another glass toss.  Strand goes to play a piano badly which, naturally, attracts all the dead in a building across the street.

Alicia is nice and clean and comes out of the shower looking for Ofelia. She’s not in the room, but the door to the balcony is open. Alicia approaches slowly and someone goes diving past, scaring the shit out of her. She goes out to see if Ofelia went skydiving—

RT: I really thought it was Ofelia skydiving for a moment. Hoped, anyway…

CF:  Actually, I did too.  And until I see Ofelia it could still be.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

[Image via AMC]

—and sees zombies going over the side—

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

Wheee!  [Image via AMC]

—and getting back up. She calls to her mom and heads into the hallway looking for Ofelia. She heads into a stairwell and finds it full of the dead.

Lucinda and Nick return with the water. She leaves and he cops a sit with the little girl he saw at the bus. He gives her the snack he boosted, which Lucinda sees and doesn’t know what to say. She calls for him to follow her, but up at the house he goes to he meets Alejandro. He hears Nick almost started a war. Nick says he felt the girl needed comfort and brought her some, as not everything is about death. Alejandro shows Nick he’s injecting people who are in bad shape with saline, that a lot of what he’s doing is just smoke and mirrors bullshit. Alejandro begins talking about faith and believes they’re going to outlast death because they are meant to do so. Nick wants to know how he knows and he sees the huge bite in his neck.

RT: I’m so glad you got a close up shot of the bite Cassidy! It looks like it has healed well. how long has the zombie apocalypse been going on? Could he have been bitten by someone before the outbreak? That’s my guess.

CF:  At best I think it’s three weeks–for sure a month at the most.  I had to get this shot because you can see it better and try and figure out what happened.  I had the same though on this:  it looks like an old wound and he’s using it for bullshit points to lead these people.  Given the dog population in Tijuana, I’d say he tangled with a big mut at some point in the past, not a zombie in the last couple of weeks.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

[Image via AMC]

All Alejandro tells him is to cool his shit or he’ll feed him to the dead.

Madison is totally fucked up, as is Strand, and wouldn’t you know it: it’s raining zombies! And they’re coming in to join the party! Fuck this noise. Only they can’t run ‘cause the zombies from across the street are coming in from the lobby—


Alejandro is giving a sermon about life and death.

Strand and Madison are fighting for their lives in the bar.

Alejandro says death won’t take them and they are The Chosen: they will outlast the Children of the Resurrection.  Nick is finally getting into this bullshit, joining the chant.

RT: Joining the chant or playing the game?

CF:  I’m guessing the later.  It’s almost like he’s starting to have doubts about these people, but he knows Alejandro was serious about that “Feed your ass to the dead” threat.  Nick knows how to blend

Alicia is trapped; Ofelia is nowhere to be seen.

RT: My guess is that Ofelia either jumped or walked out the front door. And, really, who leaves a door open during the zombie apocalypse? 

CF:  Someone who wants to die and doesn’t give a shit?  Thanks, Ofelia!

Strand and Madison are surrounded.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9 Los Muertos

[Image via AMC]

Everything is fucked.


It was great to see them end the episode on a cliffhanger—really sort of a triple cliffhanger—which is something we don’t get often with The Walking Dead. Yes, it was dumb for Madison and Strand to get shitfaced, but at this point they both look as if they’re about to give up and that really does bring out the stupid in people. If you’re going to go, why not go with a belly full of booze?

RT: This episode flew by for me. And then, that ending, I think I scarred thanks to the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. I was cursing big time before I realised I would only have to wait a week this time.

CF:  I was the same way:  this episode rocketed past for me and at the end I was like, “How they gonna get out of this?”  We’ll, we know Alicia gets to an elevator, so my guess is they going on their first zombie killing rampage.  If Madison and Strand weren’t so fucked up they could do head shots easily where they are:  Alicia’s gonna have to get super bloody, however

Next week we finally catch up with Travis and Chris and we see what they’re up to. As always, leave a comment and tell us what you think!



Madison Clark — Kim Dickens
Nick Clark — Frank Dillane
Alicia Clark — Alycia Debnam-Carey

Ofelia Salazar — Mercedes Mason

Victor Strand — Colman Domingo

Lucinda — Danay Garcia
Alejandro — Paul Calderon


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