Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 11, “Pablo & Jessica”

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

The first four episodes are complete and the last four of Fear the Walking Dead await. But before we can get on the slide down to the end of Season 2. So let’s get back to where we sorta left off…


The only way we survive is to do it together


Things are looking bad for Madison (Kim Dickens) and Strand (Colman Domingo). Zombies are spilling over the bar and while they can deal with them at the moment, that won’t last long. Madison hears Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and wants to go after her. She finds the storage area behind the bar and while there’s no way out, there is a zombie crawling after Madison. She puts it’s ass down and then called to Strand to join her. What’s the plan? She punctures the zombie good, getting up a lot of blood, and they pull off The Nick Trick(tm) covering themselves in blood so they can make a run for it. Which the do. To the truck. Which isn’t there. Strand figures the girls took it, but as there are a lot of the undead standing around they ain’t exactly got time to chat this shit up. They managed to get to another part of the hotel, one that’s sealed and safe, and hunker down.

RT: If we cared, we’d be glad to know what happened to Ofelia…

CF:  Ofelia will probably hook up with Mama and Papa soon.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

Madison and Strand are cleaned up and looking better. Strand has found water and suggests that Madison drink one: she needed to hydrate and they’re both coming down from a tequila hangover. Strand thinks they should get some rest, but Madison hears a voice. They run down a service corridor and come to a door we’ve seen before. Break off the doorknob, throw it open—hey, it’s Alicia! And the others! We’re back where we ended from the episode before and all is good with time.

Note: Last week Rachel brought up something concerning the scene where Alicia and Elena were sitting in a room talking and she wondered if there had been some strange time jump because it was kinda dark in the room

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

As we see here…

And then Alicia’s helping trap zombies in a hotel room in broad daylight a short time later.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10 Do Not Disturb

As we see here.

I’ve stayed in hotels in Honk Kong and the Shenzhen SEZ, where the sun beats down on you like it does in Baja Mexico, and I forgot one thing about my hotel rooms: the curtains are pretty thick and designed to keep out the light as much as possible. Even those white curtains in Elena’s rooms are thicker than you’d imagine, and once you pulled the black-out curtains close–the thick green ones seen–your room can go pitch dark even in the middle of the day. That’s why it’s so dark in Elena’s room: she’s trying to keep it dark so it stays somewhat cool, otherwise given that the A/C probably isn’t working her room would likely be unbearable after a while. Also, she doesn’t want her goods to spoil, either. So, mystery more or less solved and the reason it doesn’t seem like we have a strange time jump.

RT: Thank you so much for working this out! It was driving me bonkers.

CF:  It came to me this morning when I was planing the recap in my head.  And then I was like, “Duh.  It’s the curtains.”

Nick (Frank Dillane) goes to see Alejandro (Paul Calderon), pausing long enough to see the little girl whose father was fed to the dead.  The clinic is full-up and Alejandro is taking inventory.  He’s still pissed at Nick, but Nick wants to make it up.  Nick grabs a few tools need for compounding drugs.  Nick wants to cut the Oxy with powdered milk so they can stretch their dope.  Alejandro know people will get higher, faster, and come down sooner, but Nick says they won’t care ‘cause it’s all about the high—which leads to Nick’s Quote of the Night:

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo &; Jessica

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

Nick has a limited skill set, as he says, but they’re mad drug skills, so they get to cuttin’.

RT: It’s like Nick was born to a kingpin in the zombie apocalypse.

CF:  Which is possible since he’s becoming less of a fuck up by the day.

Madison is worried about Ofelia, wondering where she went. She told Daniel she’d look after the girl, but Strand says she can forget that shit, worry about the hear and now. Alicia tells her mom that Ofelia left on her own ‘cause she felt they were going to make it. But Madison knows they will… Elena gives stock of their situation: as long as the other people want them gone and have the keys, they pretty much run this joint. So Madison and Strand go to see Oscar, who isn’t talking. But Madison is persistent and they finally get a meeting.

Nick and Alejandro are in the middle of some heavy dope cutting and need to take a break.  Nick asks about the bite on Alejandro’s shoulder, says that Lucinda (Danay Garcia) only gave him the bare bones of what happened  Alejandro smile and says she has trust issues so she was testing Nick:  it’s something she does to everyone.

Madison and Strand are having their sit-down with Oscar and Ilene, the mother of the bride.  They ask about what they want to do and it turns out Oscar’s people don’t have one.  Madison wants to get the hotel turned around so they can make it something of a community—but they have to clear the dead out first.  Ilene wants Eliena gone first because of what happened at the reception, but Madison stands tough:  she says they’ve also lost loved ones.  She’s concerned that when another group shows up they’re just gonna kill everyone and take all the shit:  in the meantime they’re clearing the Infected.  Oscar finally hands over the keys.  As Madison and Strand walk away he makes it clear that while he may live at the hotel, his home was with Thomas.  This isn’t home.

RT: It wouldn’t surprise me if there will still be a stand off at some point with Ilene and Elena. Right now, there is work to be done, the personal conflicts can wait an episode or so.

CF:  You know they’ll be some backstabbing shit happening at some point because it’s The Sorta Walking Dead and we can’t have peace among the living while the dead roam the Earth.

RT: Yep, I agree. I hope Madison’s group takes over the hotel at some point though, rather than these new people though. They seriously have no idea of the outside world at the moment. Maybe Madison could send them out on a supply run?

CF:  At some point Mother of the Bride is gonna have to pull her weight and I can see Madison getting into her shit hard.  They better watch for Alicia, though:  I don’t think she’d have problems cuttin’ a bitch these days.

The drug cutting is done and it’s time for Nick to take the new pills to the people who have the water.  Before he leaves Alejandro tells the tale of how he was trying to save a junkie who was high and out of control.  He was tossed in with the dead and Alejandro tried to save him—and that’s when he was bitten.  People saw it happen, so it must be true.  Alejandro wants Nick to come back:  Nick is happy someone gives a shit.  They find Lucinda playing football with some kids and Nick joins in to make it even with adults.  He scores a quick goal but then one of the guys Lucinda was hanging with shows up and he doesn’t look happen.  Lucinda knows what it is:  they found Pablo.  Nick doesn’t know what happened, but it doesn’t look good.

RT: I’m still convinced Alejandro was bitten by a human and not the infected.

CF:  There’s some bullshit going on here, but we’re not gonna get the story until the last episode or so.

RT: Dave Erickson said “at some point.” This may not happen for years.

CF:  The production team of the Dead shows:  where you have to be a master troller to get a job.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

On their way to get water Nick discovered that Pablo was Lucinda’s brother and he was looking for their mother, who was trying to get to Tijuana.  They found her already a member of the dead and he helped Lucinda get through the trauma.  Now he’s gone and she doesn’t know what she’s going to do.

Zombie Clearing Time at the hotel and Alicia’s going room to room with help from Strand and Hector.  They’re setting to burn the bodies on the beach and some of the other people hold up in the hotel are helping.  Alicia’s concerned:  they’ve only cleared one floor in one of three buildings and at that rate it’ll take them weeks to clear everything.  Madison knows they don’t have weeks, but she doesn’t know the solution. And then Alicia wades into the surf because she has an idea…

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

Nick is back with the goods and Alejandro is happy.  He gives Nick a place to crash, mostly because he needs his bed in the infirmary.  Nick feels a little overwhelmed by this:  it’s more than he’s ever had before.

Elena explains the layout as everyone stands in one of the lobbies: though there are three sections to the hotel all of them connect at this point: it’s the grand plaza. It seems that the group is going to break up, go into each section of the hotel, and channel all the dead to this point, and from there on to the big pier connected to the hotel, with Madison being the one to lead them out. Alicia tells he mother about the zombie she saw that she thought was Madison and the fear of losing her mother bubbles to the surface. Madison says not to worry, she not losing here. And with that Alicia heads off to her position. She and Hector go out and start rounding up zombie outside. Elena and Strand are in another area opening doors and letting them out of rooms, as our others. Madison’s doing her part banging on a metal plate getting them to follow her. Everyone shows up at the plaza and Madison plays the Pied Piper of the Undead—

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

And that’s when you realize they’re doing their own version of The Walking Dead’s Zombie Fun Run—only these guys seem to actually have their shit together and appear to know what they’re doing. Madison and the other get the zombies on the pier; the other leave with Madison still banging the gong. The hotel is sealed: no going back. Alicia and Hector are in a Zodiac heading out towards the end of the pier. Madison reaches the end: Alicia is there with the boat.

RT: After seeing this zombie walk, I really, REALLY want Alicia and Madison to meet up with Rick Grimes so they can laugh about how stupid these so-called experts dealt with a quarry full of walkers.

CF:  You also didn’t see Madison standing in front of a bunch of zombies going, “This is an insane plan–“, either:  both women would looked at Rick like, “Really?”  Maddie and Alicia were probably on the same page in like five minutes and then got everyone organized.  Seriously, with all the cars they had lining the road they could have blocked off both entrances well enough to get some blasting going.  They could have made their own bombs and found a way to seal it off.

RT: Exactly! Girl power!

CF:  There is it.  Who run this world?  GIRLS!

Madison dives off the pier and the zombies follow.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

The plan was simple: Alicia saw the warnings about no swimming due to a riptide. So, if you could get the zombies far enough out into the water, the riptide would take them the rest of the way. Maybe Rick should have done something like found some dynamite, closed the ways out the quarry, and left his rotters in there…

RT: Simple plans, they’re an awesome thing. It’s when you over-engineer a situation you get yourself in trouble.

CF:  And for having so much time to get it ready they really felt like they were leaving a lot of things until the last minute.

There’s a big feast at the hotel to celebrate zombie clearing done right. Everyone’s there except Oscar, and his brother says he’s not ready for this sort of thing. Strand gets an idea and asks about the location of the honeymoon suite…  Strand finds Oscar there, outside the door, and he asks if his wife is in there. Oscar gives the whole rundown of the lead-up to their wedding and all the fear and love Oscar felt is something that he’s also felt as well, though he can’t really tell Oscar this in full details. Oscar won’t let Strand touch her and says it’s not fair what happened. Strand knows this, but he also knows the thing in that room isn’t his wife, not any more. Vows were until death do them part and he’s absolved of them now. He asks the woman’s name and is told: Jessica. Crying, Strand softly tells the other man, Let me help Jessica…

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

Lucinda wakes up and find Nick sitting on the floor.  He saw she was tired and let her sleep, but now that she’s up she’s in a hurry to leave.  Nick has a question, though:  he mentions that he was told she tests people and that she was testing him…  Lucinda says nothing:  rather, she moves closer and kisses Nick.  He must have passed the test.

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 11 Pablo & Jessica

Oscar finally hands the key to the suite to Strand. He opens the door and silently entered the suite where the undead Jessica waits. He walks in, the door shuts:

Fade to black.


Four episodes down, four to go, and it looks as if almost everyone is in their place. It appears we’ll discover what Ofelia is up to next week and things are getting interesting with Nick. As always, leave us a comment and tell us what you think!


Madison Clark — Kim Dickens
Alicia Clark — Alycia Debnam-Carey
Victor Strand — Colman Domingo
Elena Reyes — Karen Bethzabe

Nick Clark — Frank Dillane
Lucinda — Danay Garcia
Alejandro — Paul Calderon


4 thoughts on “Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 11, “Pablo & Jessica”

  1. A theory as to how Alejandro survived his bite, if it really was from an infected – from the original series we know it’s not the bite that kills you, it’s the infection you get as a result. If you die from the infection, only then do you become a walker by being dead. Alejandro is a pharmacist and has access to more drugs than anyone bitten ever has and possibly he cured himself of the infection. So how do you survive a zombie apocalypse? First get bitten in a benign spot like your shoulder, then have a big stash of antibiotics on hand.

    Liked by 1 person

    • A bite that size is gonna bleed like crazy, particularly as a bit part of the muscle there has been torn away, so I wouldn’t say it’s a benign spot. Also there, the infection has a good shot of getting into your lymph nodes pretty fast. A bite there might be a lot worse than getting bit on the arm.

      Given what we saw in the military hospital in S1 of FTWD the military discovered quickly that they couldn’t stop the infection, which is why they were taking people off to quarantine before giving them the ol’ captive bolt shot to the head. Other hospitals had to of done the same, and I’m sure it was something the CDC tried.

      I still think Alejandro is doing a major shuck and jive, but it’s one people want to hear. With four episodes left I expect things to go sideways on them soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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