Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 14, “Wrath”, and Episode 15, “North”

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

We have come to the conclusion of Fear the Walking Dead, and because last night was a two-part episode, this will pretty much be the same. And least you think this is going to be a huge recap, never fear: the episodes were straight to the point. Let’s hope I can do the same.


There’s no where else to go but…


Let me try and break this down by group because that’s the easiest way to do so. So let’s start with the shortest of stories:


Ofelia’s Magical Mexico Tour


Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) is still trying to cross the border, but her truck—which looks pretty new, mind you—blows a hose because it’s right after the zombie apocalypse starts and was probably bought from Dale before he ended up in Atlanta with the RV. Son of a bitch bought cheap radiator hoses by the gross. She’s attacked by zombies, kills three using skills she’s never shown before, and abandons the truck after packing up shit for a trip.

RT: At least we are following the magical seasonal formula for the Walking Dead universe 😉

CF:  At least they didn’t burn down anything this time. 😉

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

Note: This part of the episode, from what I can tell, was filmed just to the east of Tecate, right where I have it marked on the picture below. I believe it’s the location because for a moment you can see two radio towers on a hill and those towers exists on the hill in the background. Of course, Ofelia is three hundred and sixty kilometers to the west of where we last saw her, but who pays attention to that shit but me?

RT: I love that you keep blowing holes in the travelling ability of this group. With any luck they’ll all be in Atlanta before Season 4.

CF:  I’m a real stickler in my own stories about people being where they are supposed to be in the real world and how long it takes for them to get there.  That’s why I work out all kinds of maps and stuff in my own novels.  And in Season 4, if they do get to Atlanta, it’ll probably look like a desert.
[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]
She later finds a hole in the border fence, enters the U.S., and is immediately shot at by some guy who looks like a crazy-ass Minuteman-type. Since she isn’t killed right away, we can assume her life is gonna turn to shit in Season 3.

Annnnnnnnd… that’s her story. Onward.

RT: I’m not really sure why they even bothered showing us anything about Ofelia in the finale. Although, I guess it lets us know her and Nick will probably meet up soon.

CF:  Her story ran to the end of Wrath.  We never saw anything of her in the last episode.  Really, do something with her or kill her, one or the other.


Sad Travis


Travis (Cliff Curtis) still isn’t feeling good. He doesn’t want to come out of his room. Madison (Kim Dickens) watches him sleep and tells him he can come down when he feels like it. Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) brings him something eat and Travis finds it in him to apologize for Chris’ actions against her. Alicia’s pretty forgiving, but Travis remains sad.

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

Madison and the Bros


Madison is still queen up around the hotel and she checks on the People of the Garage. Most are doing better, though there are these two new guys came in during the middle of the night… and it’s Brandon (Kelly Blatz) and Derek (Kenny Wormald), Chris’ (Lorenzo James Henrie) douchebro friends who seemed to have misplaced them.

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

Brandon has a dislocated shoulder and is acting like an asshole (surprise!) and in the course of speaking with Madison lets it be known they were in an accident where the driver rolled the truck. Madison puts two and two together and goes to see Strand (Colman Domingo). She’s certain these are the guys Chris was with and she’s worried Chris didn’t make it. Strand says no way in hell they can tell Travis what happened.

RT: This storyline is actually better than the one I had concocted where Travis had killed his own son.

CF:  I have to admit you’re right.  And I did love how the Wrath episode flew by.  Some great writing here.

They decide to move them to get medical treatment and the other people think they are getting their own room which starts a lot of shit: it also helps that they’re been bitching the whole time and making racial slurs, so they’re easy to hate. Madison decides to kick the bros out, which allows Travis to see them, which allows him the chance to stop them leaving before he gets answers.

RT: Because leading them across the open area to the gates was not going to noticed by Travis at all *rolls eyes*

CF:  Okay, maybe not so great writing here.  😉

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

Nick and the High Cost of Adulting


Nick (Frank Dillane) starts his day by sneaking out of the colony with someone else and heading to Cartels R Us with a shitload of Oxy. They run into a problem when they arrive: these assholes don’t want Oxy. They’ve figured out where the colony is and they’re taking it with the help of other drug gang assholes. He’s given the warning: go back and tell everyone to leave or we kill them.

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

He tells Lucinda (Danay Garcia) and Alejandro (Paul Calderon) they got to go but there’s resistance, particularly from Alejandro. While they are in the infirmary they are attacked by a patient who died and turned: Alejandro is bit and Nick goes over the upstairs railing with the zombie, where it bites off one dude’s nose and a woman’s finger. Since everything is going all Game of Thrones at the moment, Nick kills the zombie by shoving his thumbs through its eyes and into its brain, proving The Mountain ain’t got shit on him.

RT: Just when I thought I couldn’t love Nick any more he gets his Game of Thrones on 😀

CF:  The look on Frank’s face when they were doing this scene was fantastic.  I’ll bet there was some disgusting-ass stuff in that fake head.

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

Nick’s packing to get the fuck out but Lucinda won’t leave. Alejandro shows up and Nick get him to admit he truth: he’s not immune. He’s dying. He let everyone believe he was bit by a zombie because inside the colony he was safe and if he’d gone outside he’d die. Lucinda is fucked up by this news and she can’t leave with Nick, because like Alejandro she fears they won’t make it on the outside.

RT: I am so glad this finally came out into the open.

CF:  Yeah, and in the worst kind of way.

Travis and the Art of Quiet Conversation


The Bros are taken to a room away from everyone and Brandon’s shoulder is reset. Now Travis wants to know about Chris which caused Brandon to start acting like a weasel, which lasts about two second after which time Travis starts fucking with Brandon’s bad arm. So the truth comes out: they were in an accident not long after leaving the farm. Chris was driving, he rolled the truck, and he was killed. But, you know, they pulled him out of the truck and buried him under a tree, it was cool, Trav, he’d have’d liked it.

RT: I really love that the bros think they can pull the wool over Travis’ eyes with their moral bullshit. Arseholes.

CF:  At this point I was just waiting for what was coming next.  These bros needed their arses whipped bad.

Except Brandon says Chris was thrown from the truck and Drerk says they pulled him out. Given that Travis was a teacher in L.A. he’s heard tons of bullshit from kids and knows it when he smells it.

So he locks the door and sets in to beating both these assholes while Madison watches through the glass.

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

It takes about a minute for Brandon to admit that Chris fucked up his leg in the crash—

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

—and since we know these two assholes can’t be held up by someone who can’t pull their weight, they shot Chris and left him laying in the road.

RT: I seriously cried. For annoying whiny, teenaged Chris.

CF:  I was the same way.  Chris was a dumb, whiny teenager but the way he died, it was like Beth all over again and you felt sorry for his life.  You hoped that maybe he’d get some redemption–nope.  He died in a car accident, blown away by two fools he shouldn’t have hung with in the first place.

RT: And that is the true horror of the zombie apocalypse, there are absolutely no second chances.

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

Travis takes about ten seconds to process this—and then he goes Full Shane on both these dicks and begins beating them to death in what is probably the most brutal motherfucking fight ever shown on either of the Walking Dead programs.

RT: Is it wrong that I loved this scene the most in the whole episode? Even more than Nick causing a zombie headache?

CF:  I was cringing and smiling the whole time.  You wanted to look away and you wanted to see it happen.

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

Note: say what you want to about the fights Rick and Shane and Daryl have been in, but those guys are are used to violence and most of the time when they’ve had to get ultra-bloody they’ve been in life and death situations—except for when Shane beat the fuck out of Ed because everyone hated Ed.

But Travis was not a violent man: he was simply in a situation where he’d finally had enough bullshit and snapped and set out to murder these motherfuckers with his bare hands. He beat them; he slammed them into the floor and walls and furniture; he put the boots to them; he strangled them. At one point Oscar (Andres Londono) unlocks the door and Travis smashes his head between the door and the frame before re-locking the fucker down. Derick broke a chair across Travis’ back and Travis responded by crushing his windpipe before throwing him through a plate of glass. And in the end he crushed Brandon’s skull under his foot before kicking his cooling body a couple of times.

Rachel and I have talked a lot about how we wanted to see Travis die because he seemed like he was just too far up his own ass to accept what this world was like, but this was the moment where he took his son’s advice: there isn’t any good and bad anymore and there are no rules. And Cliff Curtis played Travis like a man who’d finally run out of rope and decides he has zero fucks to give about life and anyone who pissed him off.

RT: Cliff Curtis played a character called Bully in the classic New Zealand movie, Once Were Warriors. It was so nice to see him go full Maori again. My concern with Travis is that he gets freaking awesome for every season finale and then goes back to being meek, remorseful Travis all over again when the season returns. If he can keep up with this version of Travis, I will be happy.

CF:  I remembered two things after this:  in the pilot episode Travis says that “Nature always wins” and when he met up with the park ranger in the second episode of this season the guy, after pegging him as Maori, said, “Your people always adjust to the situation.”  Travis had given in and adjusted.  I want to see this Travis the rest of the show and will love him so hard.  And if he reverts back we’ll blame Kirkman.

And this fight went on and on like you’d expect between unskilled fighters going until someone dropped. The first beat down took about ninety seconds and the second Full Murder Rage lasted nearly two minutes. This episode was titled Wrath, and goddamn if Travis didn’t embody that completely.

What Time is Check Out?


Shit is real right now. Oscar is hurt bad and may be dying. Elena Reyes (Karen Bethzabe) wants to put Travis on the road. Madison doesn’t want him to leave, but it was her decree that he goes on the road. Alicia finally makes the hard decision: we’ll all go. Strand says fuck all that decides to stay. Madison stars up with the whole “I can’t take you out there” line and Alicia shuts her ass down and says they’re beyond that shit, they’re going—

RT: I am SO glad they decided to not make Travis the exception to Madison’s new rule. I would have been pissed if they let him stay.

CF:  You know he would have to go.  And I liked how quickly the rest of the hotel people turned on Madison.  Thanks a lot, bitches.

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

Okay, so Alicia wasn’t quite like this with her mom…
[Image The CW]

So the deal is set: they’re out at dawn, which is probably good: Oscar is dying and his brother Andrés (Raul Casso) is going to remove part of his skull to relieve the pressure on his swelling brain.

On the Road Again


Nick is ready to leave but Lucinda isn’t. She wants to stay and meet her fate with the rest of the colony. Nick’s had enough of this shit and heads out. Alejandro gives another of his bullshit speeches while Nick zombie’s up and starts walking. And it’s not long after that he sees something—

Through Thick and Thin


That night, Oscar gets his head cut open Madison and Travis reconnect. She admits she killed Celia and says she’s been that way a long time. She understand why he killed; she’ll stick with him when he does it again. She can face it, no problem.

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

Oscar dies. Shit is about to get even more real—

Like Right Now


Andrés and Hector and a few other show up where Travis, Madison, and Alicia are staying. Travis knows why they’re there as they start beating his ass. Andrés pulls a gun and debates shooting Travis now that is brother is dead. He doesn’t beg: he simply asks that they do this somewhere else so the women don’t see him die. Andrés decides to, yes, MONOLOGUE, because these people are assholes. So Alicia stabs Andrés—the first living person she’s harmed—and the tables turn just as Strand shows up, grabs the gun, and orders everyone out. The Gang of Four leave Andrés on the floor and head down to a SUV. Everyone piles in but Strand, who is staying. He says he’ll be okay, but even he doesn’t look like he believes that. Travis crashes through the front gate, tearing down one of the lines of protection for the hotel. But so what? He left open the main gate in L.A. which could have allowed zombies in which means he has a history of giving no fucks about anyone.

RT: Gotta love the monologuing! I am actually surprised Strand stayed. he is stuck with Ilene after all. Although, I guess these people don’t know about Thomas and he can start afresh? That’s all I can come up with why he would stay at the hotel.

CF:  Strand’s probably gonna loot the place clean before he goes.  This part I don’t get other than he’s not liking the look of the new Clark Family.  Oh, and really:  fuck monologuing.  They gotta stop that shit.  The Dead shows are making a habit of this.

RT: Most shows are making a habit of monologuing 😦

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

Zeros Fucks Given
[Image AMC]

Changing of the Guard


Nick returns to the colony in time to find Alejandro trying to cook up some Oxy. He tells him that he saw helicopters landing at a camp just over the border and the people here should go. He lets Alejandro know that while he’s dying he’s really fucking with everyone else’s life and he needs to let them go, let them live, while he gets to die a beautiful death.

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

Blue Light Special


Madison leads everyone to Cartels R Us, but it’s empty—except for the man, woman, and child lying dead on the floor where they fell after being shot. She remembers then as the ones who knew Nick and Travis and she start looting the body looking for an address. Alicia’s like, “What the fuck are you doing?”

RT: Okay, this part pissed me off. A lot. Shouldn’t they be doing the right things by Travis and hinting for Chris’ body rather than chasing down a grown man who can actually look after himself? Oh, and, on things that pissed me off. Really, people carry address cards with them during the zombie apocalypse?

CF:  I think they both realize that they’d never find Chris, at least not in the dark.  And what are the odds that the dude’s address is the same as the colony?  This is some wild arse pulling here.

RT: But the bros walked in, so they should be able to find him. If Madison can accidentally wind up at the same warehouse as Nick, then they can find Chris 😉

Hostile Takeover


The Cartel Dudes show up and are ready to start shit. They had for the colony ready to blast their way through the Wall of Dead, and once through they they head up the hill to the living area. No one’s there: everyone boogied. Which means it’s time to celebrate by blowing off all their ammo! It also means it’s time for Alejandro, who stayed behind, to get in the bus and drive it out of the fence, which allows the dead to wander off in the direction of all the noise and cartel fools who are currently low on ammo…

Meanwhile the rest of the colony, led by Lucinda and Nick, make their way north through an empty Tijuana towards the U.S. border.

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]

End of the Line


The Clark Family makes it to the Wall of Death. Madison and Travis go ahead and tell Alicia to stay in the truck. Fuck that: she heads for the bus. Maddie and Travis are picking up shit as they walk along like they’re characters in a first-person shooter and find all the cartel dudes dead and zombied.

Nick gets everyone to the border station where they are attack by more U.S. militia types. A few are killed and Lucinda takes a bullet. Nick ends up on the ground next to her, surrounded by these goons.

Madison and Travis find Alicia with Alejandro, who is barely alive. She asks about Nick and he tells her he went north to the border where he saw something—and then dies. Alicia hands her mother the knife so she can put him down before he turns—

And they contemplate their next move.

[AMC Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 14 Wrath and 15 North]

[Image AMC]


And there you have it: Season 2 is history! There have been a lot of ups and downs in this season, and my opinion of the show has seemed to change with each episode. However, there are a lot of changes happening, most of which have occurred in these last few episodes, and Season 3—which I’m sure is coming—is liable to become a very different show. Plus, as I told Rachel, I could handle Madison, Travis, and Alicia turning into a bunch of anti-heroes who go around whacking out people until they form their own Woodbury. AMC, please contact us: we’re ready to write that shit.

RT: So ready to write that shit AMC 😉

CF:  It would be so much fun.  And that’s kind of a story that needs to be told because they wouldn’t need to get all Crazy Rick about it; just be the nice Clark Family formally of Los Angeles and then fuck up everybody you meet.  It’d make a great Season 3.

RT: Oh yes! People will fall for the nice happy family unit. And, if they don’t, the Clarks will make them fall 😉

Speaking of Rachel she’ll start up her The Walking Dead recaps in a few weeks while continuing with the festering pile of boils known as American Horror Story. About the same time I’ll start recapping Netflix’s Black Mirror, and it’s likely I’ll throw in some video recaps of the first seven episodes of that show from its BBC run. And before that happens Rachel and I will do our “The Walking Dead: What Do We Want to See and Predictions” video, which is going to happen soon!

Thank you for following; thank you for enjoying; thank you for putting up with my snarky shit. The one thing I can promise is that come Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, we’ll be here, ready to praise and bitch about the zombie apocalypse, one episode at a time.

RT: Once again, thanks so much for these recaps Cassidy. Your snark is always appreciated 😉

CF:  Got to keep the customers satisfied.

As always, leave a comment and tell us what you think!



Madison Clark — Kim Dickens
Alicia Clark — Alycia Debnam-Carey
Travis Manawa — Cliff Curtis
Victor Strand — Colman Domingo

Elena Reyes — Karen Bethzabe
Andrés Diaz — Raul Casso
Oscar Diaz — Andres Londono

Nick Clark — Frank Dillane
Lucinda — Danay Garcia
Alejandro — Paul Calderon

Brandon — Kelly Blatz
Derek — Kenny Wormald

Ofelia Salazar — Mercedes Mason
Christopher Manawa — Lorenzo James Henrie


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