“Sense8” Season 2 Premier Confirmed


[Image via Netflix]

[Image via Netflix]

Well, it’s a sort of happy birthday to me as we now know the release date for not only the Sense8 Christmas special, but the premier of Season 2!

On Thursday, 1 December, Netflix confirmed that a two-hour special would air two days before Christmas, 23 December, 2016.  Yesterday, a little after 5 PM EST, Netflix posted the following image on their Facebook page:

The story continues. #Sense8   [Image via Netflix]

The story continues. #Sense8    [Image via Netflix]

That’s right, Season 2 begins two days after my birthday, so I’ll have a very “Sense8ful” birthday weekend ahead of me!

A couple of observations.  First, there is almost nothing known of the Christmas special.  We know the 8 August cluster will be shown once again, but that’s it.  A Christmas Special is also supposed to be the title of the episode, which tells us even less.

Second, the number of episodes has been cut from twelve to ten, which seems to fall part -way in line with the majority of Netflix series.  The reduction in episodes could also do with an increase in world-wide shooting locations which are more than double from Season 1 and has likely forced a few budgetary constraints upon Season2.

However, the promo photo shows Will standing with the rest of the cluster, which could mean good news for our Sensates.  (Though Riley isn’t with them which could be bad…)  And Nomi is looking rather fetching in those shorts–  Sigh.  Enough of the fantasies, Cassie.

Mark the calendars:  the Sensates are Coming!  And as with Season 1, I will be here bringing you the recaps.

See you soon!


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