‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 7, Episode 7: “Sing Me A Song”

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 7, Episode 7, Michonne

[Image via AMC]

Here’s what I thought of Episode 7 (entitled “Sing Me A Song”) of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Season 7.

So, Episode 7 of The Walking Dead starts out promising: Michonne (Danai Gurira) is out alone, following trails in the middle of the road, killing walkers, dropping her bag and sword and looking like she is faking her own death. Totally sounds like a legit plan for Michonne to carry out. While everyone thinks she is dead, she can sneak up and take out Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Except this isn’t her plan.

Instead, she creates a roadblock and traps one of the Saviors, asking her to take her to Negan.

CF:  And we had to wait like 75 minutes for this to happen, at least here in the US.  Such is the night.

Rosita (Christian Serratos) convinces Eugene (Josh McDermitt) to make her that bullet, much to his disgust, but Rosita shames him into doing it and a bullet is magically made. Here’s hoping she’s is much better shot than Michonne with it!

CF:  The only thing I liked about this side story is when Eugene called out Rosita on her bullshit apology while she gave a “I don’t give a fuck” look.  Lately she’s been ramped up into becoming a right twatwaffle and getting a little tiring.

RT: I loved Eugene calling her out on her bullshit niceties.

CF:  I really want to like Rosita, but she’s such a mean bitch in the show.  And seriously, why give a shit about Abe after getting dumped hard by him?  Oh, so she can kill him.  Right.

RT: See, Rosita is normally the sort of character I would love. I don’t know how AMC can screw this up so much :-/

CF:  She is not nearly this bad in the comic.  The only thing I can guess is that Scott Gimple has decided to turn her into some cast-iron Uberbitch because that’s how he sees her.  Remember, he’s the guy who took Andrea–probably the character in the comic with the most personal growth of any character–and rendered her completely useless on the show.  When all else fails, we’ll blame Gimple.  Because the chances are we’re right.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 7, Episode 7, Spencer

[Image via Gene Page/AMC]

Spencer (Austin Nichols) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) go on a road trip and Spencer ‘fesses up to hating Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) guts. Father Gabe is Team Rick so gets out of the car and decides to walk home, although it kind of feels like there is some talking between the lines here. In fact, a lot of this episode feels that way, like everyone is setting plans to deal with Negan but not actually saying it out loud (other than Michonne and Rosita). So, since Father Gabe is gone, Spencer looks for supplies and manages to find a walkerfied hunter with a list of all his hidden caches and a crossbow. Spencer has now officially contributed to Team Rick, although it will be interesting to see what he does with that crossbow.

CF:  I can’t wait for this smary motherfucker to die–of which there are rumors it comes next week, which would be in line with the “Surprise Cast Member” advertised for the next Talking Dead.  And Gabriel calling him out on his assholishness was a nice touch, too.  Two things:  I think it was convenient as fuck that that Gage got out right when Spencer needed to stop, which goes along with your idea there was more happening in that car than meets the eye, and I though he found a compound bow.

RT: You’re right, it was a compound bow, my bad 😉 This is the first episode of Season 7 that I want to rewatch because I felt there was more to what we were actually seeing or hearing. It took seven episodes AMC, usually it takes one or two.

CF:  They’re off their game bad.  It’s reflected in the ratings.

RT: Thank god!

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 7, Episode 7, Rick Grimes

[Image via Gene Page/AMC]

Rick and Aaron (Ross Marquand) are still hunting for that “something special” Negan requested and they come across a place that is pretty well fortified thanks to a moat full of walkers. This could be just what they were looking for, but we won’t know until the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead by the looks of things.

CF:  Episode 8, Rick’s House Partyboat!  Is he gonna spend 40 minutes on board?

RT: Probably! Or we won’t know until the Season 7 return…

CF:  Rick will be back to the ASZ by the end of next Sunday, but I have a feeling this house boat party is gonna become important.

RT: I think so too. Could it possibly link to Oceanside? Or Hilltop?

CF:  At this point I don’t think we can rule out anything, though I don’t believe it’s associated with hilltop in any way.

Now for the guts of Episode 7 of The Walking Dead: Negan and Carl (Chandler Riggs).

Episode 5 saw Jesus (Tom Payne) and Carl hitching a ride on one of the Saviors trucks. This episode shows what happened to them. Jesus is making syrup trails because he has obviously read the tale about Hansel and Gretel and I am unsure if this is the trail Michonne was following (which makes no sense at all because she wouldn’t know Jesus was sneaking up to Negan’s home). Regardless, Jesus gets duped by Carl who asks him to show him how to safely jump off a moving truck. So, Jesus is left behind while Carl travels on into the Saviors territory.

CF:  I think Michonne figured it was a made trail of some kind because it looked fresh.  Good thing Hilltop had syrup to burn.  And for all the times for Carl to stay inside something

RT: Haha! Yeah, who knew the magic formula was a moving truck and not a house 😉

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 7, Episode 7, Negan and Carl Grimes

[Image via Gene Page/AMC]

Carl manages to take out a couple of Saviors before he is taken hostage. Negan arrives on the scene and immediately does a Trump by picking on the disabled kid. Now what follows is a whole pile of Negan trying to break down Carl and Carl trying not to show his hand. Threatening Carl with Lucille and ordering him to sing is part of it. Making Carl walk around without his bandage over his damaged eye is another.

CF:  The majority of this scene played out the same way panel for panel in the comic, though there was a lot more swearing from Negan.  In fact, the whole “Carl Meets Negan” section was done rather faithfully and the writers–Angela Kang and Corey Reed–get credit for the adaptation.  I should point out that in the comic this scene plays far more disturbing as Negan is fucking with an eleven year old kid, and he grows far more remorseful after seeing Carl’s discomfort when he asks to touch the eye socket.

RT: I love that you got to see nuances of Negan’s backstory and how he would have treated kids, as opposed to now, when he can treat them the way he really did want to treat them back before the apocalypse.

CF:  There were times when I was zipping back and forth between hating Negan and figuring he was just being a hard-ass leader.  And then Jeffrey Dean Morgan would have this momentary look pass across his face and you knew he had some crazy shit in mind for later.  There are a lot of times when you get tired of the Negan bullshit, but JDM is such a master with this part.

Negan shows off all his wives to Carl, bragging about how he can make any rule he likes now. Speaking of Negan’s wives, Carl picked just the right time to show up on the Saviors doorstep because one of Negan’s “wives” has decided to have a fling with her old boyfriend. Now the first rule of Negan’s 1st wives club is that you don’t cheat on Negan, even if it is with your previous partner who you really loved until Negan fucked things up. So, Amber (Autumn Dial) had a fling with Mark (Griffin Freeman) and now Dwight (Austin Amelio) has to heat up an iron so that Negan can burn Mark’s face off. Did you catch that lesson, Carl?

CF:  If Lori had done this to Carl in Season 2, he’d have stayed in the fucking house.

AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 7, Episode 7, Negan and Dwight with the hot iron

[Image via Gene Page/AMC]

Carl responds by telling Negan he had better kill him now in order to stop Carl from killing him in the future. I am pretty sure Negan is in love. So, to show his budding feelings for Carl, he drives him home and gets Carl to show him around his house.

Bad move Carl.

Now Negan knows all about Judith (Chloe & Sophia Garcia-Frizzi) and you can see the sea of regret on Carl’s face.

CF:  However, this is all the same stuff that happened in the comic save for Judith, who was Ghost Baby by this time on the printed page.  This is gonna lead to Rick coming home and losing his shit, and this will then lead up to Spencer dying.  You heard it here first.

RT: Oh, awesome! Thanks for the heads up Cassidy 😀

Thrown into the Saviors mix is Daryl (Norman Reedus) getting a bit ballsy with Negan and some potential eyeballing between Daryl, Sherry (Christine Evangelista) and Dwight that may or may not be some sort of plan being hatched between them. Or maybe they are just fucking Daryl over by having him think there is a plan. Either way, something is going on here, which is proven when someone sneaks a note under Daryl’s cell door telling him to “go now” at the end of the episode.

CF:  Yawn.  Someone either get him out of his cell for good or kill him.  The Daryl side story is boring the shit out of me.

RT: Agree on this too!

What did you think of Episode 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 7? Let us know by commenting below!

Episode 8, (entitled “Hearts Still Beating”) is the mid-season finale of Season 7 of AMC’s The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, December 11 at 9 PM ET. The official synopsis for Episode 8 is below.

“Alexandria receives an unexpected visit.”

[Featured image via Gene Page/AMC]


5 thoughts on “‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 7, Episode 7: “Sing Me A Song”

  1. Pingback: ‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 7, Episode 7: “Sing Me A Song” | Rachel Tsoumbakos

  2. Poor old Daryl. he doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I still have every faith in him if he could only poke a hole in the perimeter.
    I’m not sure how much more of Negan I can take. His malevolence, personality disorder and general drunkenness on power is becoming a real yawn. Yes, we all know he’s a twisted fucker who I’d personally bash senseless, but enough please AMC. And that last scene with baby Judith made my skin crawl.
    Carl is playing with fire and for God’s sake, someone find him an eye patch otherwise he won’t have any luck with the laydeez.
    This episode did rise a little from the yawn-fest and the kill-Negan conspiracies are encouraging at the very least, not to mention the planting of some decent sub-plots.
    Hope rises eternal.


    • This episode certainly went a long way to saving this season. I really hope they sustain it through into the second half. I also do think Negan translates well into TV. And it’s not because of the way the actor portrays him either but with how dark AMC wrote the lead up to it along with the season 6 finale. I think they took too much hope away from the audience.


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