Happy Birthday to… Us!

To be honest I never expected to get this far.

You’re probably wondering, “Cassie, what are you talking about?”  What I’m talking about is 10 February.  What’s so important about this date?  This is the date that one year ago Rachel decided to set up a website separate from her own where we could both post our TV recaps.  Up to that point she’d been posting all of her recaps on her own blog site, and I came over in the summer of 2015 to take some pressure off of her by posting recaps for Humans and Fear The Walking Dead.  At the end of my last recap for Season 1 of Fear The Walking Dead I made a joke about hoping I’d be asked back to do more recaps–and that turned into doing recaps for Season 4 of Orphan Black.

It wasn’t long after that the Rachel decided maybe we need a website just for our recaps–and lo and behold, one appeared.

10 February, 2017, marks the first anniversary of The Snarking Dead, our little home away from home where we can post our television recaps and rip on shit in our own fascinating way.  We’ve been hard at it for a year now–though Rachel has been doing this a bit longer with her Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Vikings, and American Horror Story recaps–and it looks as if 2017 isn’t going to be any easier for us.  Both of us worked full-time jobs, and both of us have part-time writing experiences outside of this website, yet were out here delivering recaps for our loyal fans.

So what we have ahead of us?  This Sunday Rachel starts up with The Walking Dead, and the following night I start up with Season 2 of Humans.  That should keep us busy for the next eight weeks.

Come the start of May and I’ll pick up Season 2 of Sense8.  I’ll try to finish that up by the start of June, because come 10 June, Season 5 of Orphan Black starts, and I will fill up the next ten weeks.  Come the end of June or the beginning of July it’s likely Rachel will start up with Season 7 of Game of Thrones, and that should keep her busy up until October.

It’s likely that at some point in August I’ll start up with Season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead, which means I’ll be starting this as I finished Orphan Black.  Come the middle of October Rachel will start up with Season 8 of The Walking Dead, then a couple of weeks later on Halloween she’ll have Season 2 of Stranger Things thrown at her.  And somewhere between August and October it’s likely I’ll pick up Season 4 of Black Mirror and Rachel will deal with Season 2 of The Kettering Incident.

We work, we have part-time jobs, and we still bring you the snark.  It’s a good thing we love what we’re doing a probably bitch a lot.  Actually, we do bitch a lot, but you guys never see that.

So here’s to one year behind us and, we hope, more to come.  As long as her stuff out there for us to recap, will keep bringing it to you, and we hope you enjoy reading our work is much as we enjoy writing it for you.  So send us comments, send us some love, but most of all send us some cookies: snarking bitches love cookies.

Happy birthday, Snarking Dead.  See you out on the internets.


I got some friends to stop by and help us with a cake.  Who did you think I’d get?  😉


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