How Do You Make A Hen Night Special?

Whether you opt for a day of mud-slinging or a night at one of magic men male strip club, the success of the hen party hinges on the little things you do to make the event memorable for the bride.

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The last year has seen a rise in unconventional hen party themes, as brides-to-be have exercised their imaginations and strayed from the norm.

Having a good Hens night doesn’t always require getting drunk and telling sexy stories. The vast majority of brides would rather have an intimate gathering with just a few close friends at a private residence. There are many pluses to hosting the hens’ party in your own home. Your staff can save money and time without having to stress over the safety of low-cost airlines.

This blog will discuss what a hen night is and give you some tips to make your hen night special.

What Is A Hen Night?

A hen night, or bachelorette party, is a party thrown in honour of the bride-to-be. It’s a party in honour of the bride that takes place in the days, weeks, or months before the wedding and is usually planned and hosted by the bride’s friends.

The hen party is the bride’s last chance to party it up with her gal pals before she ties the knot. Going out to a club or bar, treating yourselves to a day at the spa, or taking a vacation together are all examples of this Western tradition. As a prelude to the wedding, the hen night is traditionally an opportunity for the bride and her closest friends to bond and make some unforgettable memories.

How Do You Make A Hen Night Special?

With this list of the nine best hen party ideas, we hope to help you throw a memorable and meaningful celebration for the bride-to-be.

1. Personalize The Event:

Plan activities that the bride likes to do most and she will feel like the event was tailored specifically for her. Activities like a wine-tasting tour or an art class that she has expressed interest in are examples. You could also make the event more tailored to the bride by showing a marathon of her favourite movies or hosting a karaoke night with all of her favourite songs. Make sure the hen party is reflective of the bride’s interests and preferences by involving her in the planning process. For her, this adds a whole new layer of significance to the celebration.

2. Get Creative:

Make the bride’s last night of freedom one they’ll never forget by planning some truly out-of-the-ordinary shenanigans. Possible examples include:

  • Baking and cooking lessons
  • Something like a dance or exercise class
  • A class on making wine or cocktails
  • A tour of a nearby distillery or brewery
  • A supper club with a twist: a murder!
  • Board games and/or escape rooms for a fun night in
  • A wine and painting party
  • Live music performance

Consider the bride’s likes and dislikes, as well as her character traits, and try to come up with some entertaining plans. The point is to throw a party that the bride and her friends will never forget.

3. Make It A Surprise:

There are a few ways to pull off a surprise hen night if the bride is a fan of unexpected events.

Keep It A Secret: 

Make sure the bride doesn’t know about the hen night until the big day. To pull this off, you and the other attendees may need to put in some extra time planning and coordinating.

Make Up A Back-Cover Blurb: 

Plan for the bride to be absent from the house on the big day, but have a good excuse ready. This could refer to anything from a night out with the guys to a trip to the doctor.

Plan A Surprise Reveal:

Prepare for the big reveal by thinking of a clever way to surprise the bride. This might be due to the other guests being unexpectedly present or to a special invitation.

Make Sure The Bride Is Available:

First, before organizing a surprise hen party, make sure the bride is free and able to attend on the scheduled date.

You should take into account the bride’s preferences before planning a surprise hen night because some people just don’t like surprises.

4. Make It A Weekend Getaway:

Planning a trip or weekend getaway as part of the hen party celebration is a great idea. This may include reserving a hotel room or vacation rental, arranging for food and entertainment, and arranging for travel. Here are some potential destinations for a hen party weekend:

  • A trip to a local beach town
  • A mountainous haven perfect for exploring nature
  • Going to a big city and walking around to see what it’s like
  • An indulgent spa weekend to unwind and be pampered

Think about what the bride would like to do or see if you want a successful honeymoon. To make sure the trip is within everyone’s financial means, it’s also a good idea to establish a budget and allocate expenses among the participants.

5. Invite People Who Are Important To The Bride: 

You should invite the bride’s closest friends and family members to the hen party so that she has a memorable and enjoyable time. This group might consist of the bride’s closest friends and relatives. Talk to the bride about her guest list and try to accommodate as many of her requests as you can.

If you know of any mutual friends or coworkers who are important to the bride, you might want to invite them as well. This will make the wedding more welcoming and give the bride an opportunity to celebrate with everyone who matters to her.

Having a definitive guest list and sending out invitations in plenty of time will allow everyone to make the necessary preparations for attendance.

6. Add Some Pampering:

Plan some relaxing and pampering activities for the bride and her friends to enjoy on her hen night. Possible examples include:

  • Spa treatments including massages, facials, and manicures
  • Attending a Yoga or Meditation Course
  • Wine and appetizers for a social gathering.
  • Baking and cooking lessons
  • An instructional course in visual arts
  • A night in front of the TV with popcorn and blankets

It’s important to plan ahead and book appointments or classes for the bride’s pre-wedding pampering, so keep her interests and preferences in mind. To make sure that everyone can participate in the pampering activities, it’s also a good idea to set a budget and divide costs among the attendees.

7. Have A Theme:

The use of a specific theme for the hen party can increase the amount of enjoyment and excitement that everyone involved feels. If you’re trying to decide on a theme for the wedding, it’s a good idea to think about the bride’s likes and dislikes. Potential topics for a hen party could include:

  • Invoking the spirit of the tropics or the beach
  • Shiny, glamorous, or extravagant subject matter
  • Theme based on sports or outdoor exploration
  • Having to do with food or cooking
  • Music from a film or TV show
  • A recurring tune or tunes played during a performance

The party’s activities and decorations can then be tailored to the selected theme. Things like putting together themed decorations and entertainment can fall under this category.

8. Get Dressed Up:

Dressing up for the hen night is a great way to get the bride and her friends in the party spirit. Consider establishing a dress code or theme for the event to help people get in the mood. Possible examples include:

  • Fashionable and formal attire is encouraged for this glitzy affair.
  • A party with a beach or tropical vibe, with everyone dressed for the weather.
  • People are encouraged to dress for an outdoor adventure or sporting event.
  • The party has a film or television theme, and guests dress as actors or actresses from the featured film or show.

When deciding on a theme or dress code for the wedding, it is important to take into account the bride’s likes and dislikes and to give guests plenty of notice. It’s also wise to make a financial plan and factor in the expense of buying or renting any formal attire.

9. Don’t Forget The Bride:

Make the hen night memorable and enjoyable for the bride by putting her needs first. Involve the bride in the preparations and tailor the event to her tastes by putting thought into the menu and decorations. Be sure to take into account any wishes or requirements the bride may have for the big day.

You should make the hen night a party in honour of the bride and her upcoming nuptials. Guests can have fun while learning more about the bride and groom by participating in games or having conversations that centre on the wedding or the couple’s relationship.

Last but not least, make sure the bride feels appreciated and loved on her hen night. One way to do this is to thank her for being in your life by giving her a unique present. The hen party should be a special and meaningful event for the bride.


Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it and take lots of photos so she can look back fondly on her special night! 

By following these steps, you will be sure to make your friend’s hen night one she will never forget. It is an opportunity to create lasting memories that the bride-to-be can cherish for years to come. So make it a celebration that is tailored specifically for her – and enjoy every moment!  

Good luck in making it a night that everyone enjoys!

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